15 Lesser-Known 90s Westerns That Still Hold Up in 2024

15 Lesser-Known 90s Westerns That Still Hold Up in 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

Here's the lineup of some lesser-known Westerns starring some of the today's A-listers.

The 90s weren't exactly the golden age for Westerns, a time when this genre seemed to be riding off into the sunset, overshadowed by the flashier, high-octane blockbusters of the decade, yet tucked away in this era, there are 15 underrated gems that surprisingly still hold their ground in 2024.

These films, often overlooked and forgotten, linger like the last notes of a haunting cowboy song, quietly defying the notion that the 90s had little to offer in the way of Westerns.

Each of these 90s films, while clearly not getting the spotlight back in their day, still pack a punch with storytelling that's as rugged and enduring as the landscapes they're set in, weaving tales of outlaws, lawmen, and the wild, untamed frontiers that challenge our modern understanding of what makes a Western truly gripping.

They're the kind of films that make you wonder how they slipped through the cracks, holding up against the test of time with a tenacity that's as surprising as finding an old, dusty treasure map leading to forgotten gold – a reminder that sometimes, the best stories are the ones that almost got away.