15 Light-Hearted Rom-Coms on Netflix to Stream in April 2024

15 Light-Hearted Rom-Coms on Netflix to Stream in April 2024
Image credit: Netflix

With spring already in full swing, there's no better way to spend the dwindling nights than watching some adorable romantic comedies that will perfectly set your mood for late spring and the upcoming summer.

However, there's always a problem with romantic comedies – most of them are so popular that you know everything that happens in them by heart, making the whole process of watching them a total waste of time.

Luckily, there is a whole world of underrated romantic comedies out there, and streaming platforms have proven to be the best way to find and watch them.

Here are the 15 best romantic comedies on Netflix in April 2024:

While compiling this list, we focused on the romantic movies that really enhance that spring feeling that we are all vibing to these days, and as you can see, we ended up with quite a respectable selection of movies!

There are indies and Hollywood productions among the films mentioned above, as we believe that both cheap and expensive movies can be labeled great romances, as it is the acting and directing that really matter, not the size of the budget allocated by the producers.

It looks like Netflix has a pretty solid selection of rom-coms, right?