17%-Rated Superhero Disaster from 2019 Suddenly Took Over Netflix's Top 10 Charts

17%-Rated Superhero Disaster from 2019 Suddenly Took Over Netflix's Top 10 Charts
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We don’t know where it came from, but this 2019 box office tragedy is dominating Netflix… We’d call that a comeback if the movie had anywhere to come back from.


  • Guillermo del Toro ’s Hellboy movies were warmly received by critics and viewers in the 2000s.
  • Neil Marshall’s 2019 remake, on the other hand, had terrible reviews and bombed at the box office.
  • Five years later, the worst Hellboy made an unlikely comeback by storming Netflix ’s Global Top 10 chart.

Remakes are one of the worst plagues haunting Hollywood in recent years. So few of them ever live up to their creators expectations, and yet they keep getting made — and instead of remaking bad movies with good ideas, everyone’s always shooting for the stars. Classic remakes don’t fare well, as Newton’s fourth law states.

But sometimes, even after bombing tremendously and collecting every negative review from every critic and viewer, those remakes make sudden comebacks!

Hellboy Got Second Life It Wish It Never Had

Hailing from the start of this century, the Hellboy movies were the manifestation of their era: thanks to Guillermo del Toro’s witty humor and groundbreaking, at the time, visuals, they became immensely popular with the audience. The first Hellboy movie has a staggering 88% Top Critic Score on Rotten Tomatoes, bizarre for the genre.

But of course, someone had to remake Hellboy: 15 years later, director Neil Marshall launched a disastrous attempt to revive the iconic franchise, but to no avail.

2019’s Hellboy became the whipping boy for critics and viewers alike immediately after stepping foot outside its little production box. With 9% Top Critic Score, the general consensus was that this film “should-a stayed in hell.” At the box office, it also bombed terribly, collecting just $55M against its $50M budget.

Netflix Propels the Worst Hellboy to the Top

Despite the classic case of “Everything Wrong With” 2019’s Hellboy, Neil Marshall’s notorious movie stormed Netflix’s Global Top 10 chart last week — and straight to the sixth position, no less! With 3.7M views and 7.5M hours viewed in total, the worst Hellboy made an unlikely comeback to show us that despite the critics, it’s still got it.

17%-Rated Superhero Disaster from 2019 Suddenly Took Over Netflix's Top 10 Charts - image 1

Of course, this one-week success on Netflix won’t do anything for Hellboy’s reputation, legacy, or finances: five years later, all these things are irredeemable. But hey, if you’re willing to test whether Marshall’s flick turned out as frustratingly mediocre as they say, maybe give it a go, too — perhaps, you’ll secure its second week in the chart, as well!

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