18 Action Thrillers on Netflix You Need to See in April 2024

18 Action Thrillers on Netflix You Need to See in April 2024
Image credit: Netflix, StudioCanal

Over the past decade, the action movie genre has undergone many changes. Before the rise of streaming, action movies were usually marketed as big blockbusters that played on big screens and drew millions of people to theaters.

However, when Netflix began its rise, producers were keen to create action movies themselves, spending millions to attract the biggest stars and reassuring fans that the process of watching an action movie at home was exactly the same as in the theater.

Here are the 18 best action movies on Netflix available in April 2024:

As you've probably noticed, not all of the movies on this list were produced by Netflix itself, as most of them are available to stream on the platform through complex negotiations with major Hollywood studios.

However, it was Netflix that was able to convince audiences that they weren't missing out by skipping the theatrical release of action movies and watching them from the comfort of their couch, making the process of watching new movies much easier.

Of course, Netflix's rise to the top has hurt the movie theater industry, but hey, a price has to be paid for convenience, right? After all, all those great action movies mentioned above can be found and watched in seconds, not days!