20 Worst Movies of the Last 15 Years with a 0% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

20 Worst Movies of the Last 15 Years with a 0% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes
Image credit: Legion-Media

While Rotten Tomatoes is notoriously prone to giving perfect freshness to movies that nobody expects critics to love, it's quite accurate when it comes to the worst movies of all time, as both critics and fans agree that some movies are a total waste of time.

Over the years, more than 40 movies managed to get the dubious honor of earning a perfect 0% freshness from Rotten Tomatoes, and we decided to rank the 20 absolute worst of them, creating a list of the objectively worst movies to reach the silver screen in the last few years.

As this list certainly proves, even the most expertly crafted Hollywood movies can earn a horrible 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, because skilled directors, talented actors, and well-meaning production teams can still make a bunch of mistakes that drag their movies below the watchable level.

Of course, some of the movies on this list are still remembered today, and people are still going to see them in 2024. But don't think that means that some fans actually like them! On the contrary, people tend to re-watch them to see if they are as bad as Rotten Tomatoes claims, and they most certainly are!

Hate watching was a big thing for a long time, and the idea of watching bad movies to laugh at their vastness is still very much alive, especially when it comes to the 20 movies mentioned on this list.