2022 New Jersey 'Supernatural' Con Highlights: From Misha's Coming Out to Jensen's ADHD

2022 New Jersey 'Supernatural' Con Highlights: From Misha's Coming Out to Jensen's ADHD
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Get right back in that Impala, we've got things to hunt!

This weekend, New Jersey welcomed its traditional 'Supernatural ' fan convention, gathering big names from the show and still managing to keep the atmosphere of a cozy friendly house party.

This year's NJ con, however, has also had its deal of fun, dramatic, and even jaw-dropping moments. Here's a quick recap of everything that happened.

Has Misha Collins Come Out?

During one of his panels at the con, Misha Collins, who played angel Castiel on the show, appeared to have casually hinted at his sexuality, saying: "By show of force: how many of you would consider yourself introverts?" he asked. "How many extroverts? And how many bisexuals?"

Then he just quickly noted that he was "all three" and continued as if nothing happened. Still, the remark caused waves on Twitter, even though Collins did not present it as an official big-deal coming out thing.

'I Miss My Brother'

Jensen Ackles ( Dean Winchester) had his solo panel at the convention, with his co-star and friend Jared Padalecki notably absent. Ackles then revealed that Padalecki has got into a bad car accident, but luckily he was fine and at home, recovering. Still, the Sam Winchester actor could not make it to the convention, but Ackles made sure he sent Jared's love to the fans.

In a brief and touching moment, as he was organizing the stage before revealing what happened to Jared, Jensen said: "I miss my brother", prompting a loud "aww" from the fans.

Jensen and Misha ADHD Struggles

When he was joined in the panel by Misha Collins, Jensen recalled having a learning issue and being diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, only to find out that Misha actually had the same experience in his childhood. And looks like plenty of fans could not relate more.

Castiel's Declaration of Love

During the joint panel with Jensen – already dubbed by the fans as 'the Cockles panel' – Misha said that Castiel's declaration of love to Dean was the very last scene he filmed, so it meant the world to him.

But it looks like Misha had no idea that some moments of that scene were recorded behind the stage, known on Twitter for almost two years as "the tapes".

Given that "the tapes" clearly have something that the final scene did not have, fans have gone crazy on Twitter, demanding that Jensen release them. But other people argue that perhaps they are too personal to just share with the fans.

Return of the King

New Jersey convention also marked the return of another big figure for SPN fans – Mark Sheppard, who portrayed Crowley. During his solo panel Sheppard also reflected on some of his favorite parts of the show, revealing that the finale of season eight was one of his best moments.

And if you missed those moments when Sheppard jokingly bullied his fans, here is a short clip of the King of Hell annoying the hell out of one of the fans – just like in the good old days!

Party Time

Practically all SPN conventions end up being a party with karaoke and live music delivered by the actors themselves because they can. The New Jersey con in 2022 was no exception.

With Jensen Ackles as a frontman…

And the entire SPN crew alongside him.

We're not crying, you are.