2024's Smartest Time-Travel Movie Isn't Available Anywhere Anymore (And That's a Shame)

2024's Smartest Time-Travel Movie Isn't Available Anywhere Anymore (And That's a Shame)
Image credit: XYZ Films

Like fine wine, some movies only get better with time. But how long do we have to wait?


  • On March 8-16, 2024, another South by Southwest festival took place in Austin, Texas.
  • One of the main discoveries was a time travel indie-movie that was strikingly unconventional.
  • Unfortunately, it will be some time before it gets a wide release.

One of the most intriguing discoveries of this year's SXSW turned out to be the independent science fiction film Things Will Be Different, the feature debut of director, editor and producer Michael Felker. Produced by the filmmaking duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (known for the Marvel series Moonlight and Loki, as well as their own films like Synchronic and Something In the Dirt), their style is clearly evident in this indie film. It was an incredible hit with audiences, and today you can see mostly rave reviews on the internet, although Things Will Be Different will clearly not be everyone's cup of tea.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to see the movie anytime soon, as we'll discuss below. In the meantime, let's get to know it.

What’s the New Sci-Fi Indie Movie About?

In his feature-length directorial debut, Michael Felker has combined some of the most unconventional influences in the world of cinema to create a gripping sci-fi thriller, inspired by the work of Benson and Moorhead, as well as other filmmakers like Shane Carruth (many have compared it to his 2004 Primer) and even Christopher Nolan. As you may have guessed, the main plot revolves around time travel.

The movie follows two siblings, Joseph (Adam David Thompson) and Sidney (Riley Dandy). They've just committed a robbery and are making their way to a remote cabin with cash and guns while being chased by the cops. Joseph pulls out things that are familiar in everyday life but unfamiliar in this situation, like doorknobs, clock faces, and rotary phones, and pulls them out chaotically. A few moments and... the siblings are still in the house. But you can't hear the cops anymore, and the scene outside the window has changed - they're in a different timeline.

But how to get out of there is a mystery, and so the siblings get involved in a crazy quantum puzzle, communicating with a mysterious observer through a time-bending voice recorder.

The movie doesn't have a big budget, but Felker makes good use of what he has. He relies on ingenious cinematography, camera work and most of all on the dynamics between the siblings, who sometimes don't even need lines to convey their bond and guilt towards each other.

We Will Have to Wait a While

But as we said, Things Will Be Different was first shown at SXSW, so it may be a while before a distribution license is picked up by one company or another. Usually it takes a few months. However, considering that this is Michael Felker's feature film debut, it's possible that distribution companies, afraid of the risk, will drag out the negotiations.

That's why, dear friends, Things Will Be Different is unfortunately not available in theaters or on streaming services, and that's a real shame, because it will be a long time before a wide audience gets to know both this ambitious film, which is truly a breath of fresh air in the science fiction genre, and Felker's oeuvre in general.

However, there is no doubt that sooner or later things will change (pun intended), given the involvement of not-so-latent names in the world of filmmaking Benson and Moorhead, as well as the resurgence of the time travel theme after Nolan's Tenet. So we can only wish Felker the best as he conquers the heights of indie filmmaking and beyond, and wait for the full release.