24 Years Later, Harry Potter TV Remake Can Finally Adapt This Epic Book Moment

24 Years Later, Harry Potter TV Remake Can Finally Adapt This Epic Book Moment
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Fans will be in for a treat if the series manages to capture that moment in detail.


  • A new Max's Harry Potter series is already in development.
  • This is a great opportunity to finally do justice to an important moment from Goblet of Fire that was only skimmed over in the movie.
  • Better CGI, budget and television format could ensure a successful adaptation.

In recent years, we've seen more and more news of book-to-film adaptations getting TV remakes. Examples include His Dark Materials, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Interview with the Vampire, Reacher, as well as upcoming high-octane adaptations like Twilight and, of course, Harry Potter.

Some of us see this pop culture phenomenon as a miserable exploitation of once-popular franchises, while others are thrilled by the success of the aforementioned reboots. But what few can argue with is the fact that in 2024, technological capabilities have improved and the series can accommodate much more detail than the movie.

That's why the upcoming Harry Potter show could be a great opportunity for a long-awaited depiction of one of the best moments in the book that was barely touched on in the movie.

New Harry Potter Show Already in the Works

In April 2023, Warner Bros. officially announced that J.K. Rowling's fantasy novels would officially get a new live-action adaptation. And now, a year later, it has been revealed that the series is already in the pipeline and will land on the streaming service Max sometime in 2026. Working on the series are Francesca Gardiner (executive producer of His Dark Materials, Killing Eve and creative consultant on Succession ), Kathleen Jordan (Teenage Bounty Hunters) and Tom Moran (The Devil's Hour).

In other words, WB is betting big on a new series, and the budget is reportedly comparable to what Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon had.

Why Harry Potter Lends Itself to the TV Format

When it comes to movie franchises of the 00s, some of the most popular were The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. After all, they were the ones that introduced us to incredibly high-quality cinematography and VFX, which even now, two decades later, look very modern and even jaw-dropping.

Unfortunately, certain aspects of CGI are much better handled by modern technology, as some of the scenes that are astounding in their scale simply could not have been done back then.

As ingenious and believable as the big battle scenes were in both franchises at the time, technical limitations forced many aspects to be left out or cut due to the limited time frame of the film. With the multi-episode format of television and modern computer graphics, this is no longer a problem.

This is especially true for a particular moment in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

New Adaptation Could Feature One of the Most Epic Moments Ever

One of the most important moments in the fourth novel of the series was, of course, the Quidditch World Cup, the biggest sports event in the Wizarding World, similar to the FIFA World Cup. In the book, Rowling pays special attention to the event, describing the Ireland vs. Bulgaria match in great detail.

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The 2005 movie, however, pays minimal attention to it. Yes, it is not completely absent from the story, and the characters do attend the World Cup, but due to time and technical limitations, the focus was on their reactions rather than the event itself, as well as the subsequent attack by the Death Eaters.

But just like in the real world, sporting events are incredibly significant occasions. Not only are they full of action, but they bring together wizards from all over the world, showing how small and rich the world is beyond the Muggle gaze.

And so, the new Harry Potter reboot will have to cover these events in detail, given the absence of the aforementioned constraints. The new Harry Potter series is scheduled for release in 2026 on Max.

Are you excited about the new Harry Potter series?