3 Actors To Play Doctor Doom In the MCU, According To Reddit

3 Actors To Play Doctor Doom In the MCU, According To Reddit
Image credit: Marvel Studios

With MCU's 'Fantastic Four' movie officially confirmed, fans are wondering which actors could portray the team's legendary villain, Doctor Doom.

Ruler of Latveria and archnemesis of Reed Richards, Victor von Doom has been a fan favorite for nearly 60 years, and over the years Marvel Comics has produced some great storylines with that character in the front. So, it goes without saying that his appearance in the MCU is long overdue. In a thread over on Reddit fans discussed which actor would be a great match for the iconic green cape and full-body armor.

Here are 3 actors perfect for the role of Doctor Doom, according to Reddit:

Viggo Mortensen

The 'Lord of the Rings' star has long been considered a very gifted actor, capable of skillfully embodying even the most complex and repulsive characters. Of course, Mortensen is more of an auteur actor, often starring in indie and arthouse films, but if he agrees to appear in a Marvel production, fans will be more than honored to have him join the franchise. One major problem is the actor's age, but a capable team of stuntmen can make all the difference for the 63-year-old Mortensen.

Mark Strong

The underrated star of the 'Kingsman ' franchise will get a significant boost in his career if Feige and Co. decide to audition him for the role. A superb stage and screen actor, Strong has been around forever, using his superb character acting to enlighten the many films in which he has appeared. He certainly has the very distinctive voice necessary to bring the masked villain to life, and his piercing brown eyes would look perfect under a metal mask.

Bryan Cranston

'Breaking Bad ' star is certainly a very surprising choice on the part of fans, but when you think about it, it makes more and more sense. Doom is a conflicted and complex villain, and Cranston's work on the AMC series has proven that he can handle the role of anti-hero. Although it would be a shame to see Cranston's handsome face under the mask, his lingering voice will still hold up in all the scenes in which he appears.