3 Best Reddit Predictions For 'Ms. Marvel' Finale

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With the sixth and final episode being mere hours away, fans can't help but come up with new theories as to what might happen.

'Ms. Marvel' season finale arrives on Disney Plus on Wednesday, and the stakes are high for this one given that there are too many questions left unanswered for just one episode.

With fans anxious about the finale possibly not being able to explain everything, there are several theories exploring the potential twists and turns of the story. Here are some of the most interesting ones.

Shang-Chi Cameo?

For some reason, the majority of fans are confident that the finale has to feature some kind of a cameo. But while many people bet on Captain Marvel to make an appearance, there is another character whose cameo might be way more reasonable: Shang-Chi.

This season, we received plenty of hints at the origin of the bangle having something in common with the ten rings. Shang-Chi is not only someone who might know something about Kamala's bangle mystery, but he is also loved by fans and hasn't yet made an appearance anywhere since his movie debut.

Final Ms. Marvel Suit

Many fans are eager to see the completed look of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, even though she hasn't even come up with that name yet. There is a lovely theory that it will be Kamala's mother who will help her assemble the look.

Fans believe that episode 5 basically foreshadowed that by having her mother discovering Kamala's broken necklace – her superhero symbol that we have already seen on the poster turns out to be the first letter of her name in Arabic. Wouldn't it be just fascinating if Kamala's mother was the one to support her by coming up with an entire look?

Speaking of Names

Coming up with a superhero alias has perhaps been one of the toughest things Kamala had to deal with this season. And while she has clearly proven herself to be an independent and worthy of her superpowers, sometimes a helping hand from a good mentor does help.

That is why fans believe that it's going to be Carol Denvers who gives Kamala the "Ms. Marvel" nickname. Fans on Reddit even got the line ready: "What are you? Some kind of Ms. Marvel?"

'Ms. Marvel' season finale premieres on Disney Plus this Wednesday.

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