3 Characters Who Could Appear in 'Sonic' Sequels And Are NOT Shadow or Metal Sonic

3 Characters Who Could Appear in 'Sonic' Sequels And Are NOT Shadow or Metal Sonic
Image credit: Legion-Media

Now that we're apparently heading into Sonic Cinematic Universe and fans are already going crazy about who is going to be teased in the second 'Sonic the Hedgehog' movie, how about we pay attention to some less mainstream characters?

Yeah, yeah, we know, every Sonic fan is excited to see Metal Sonic or Shadow in the upcoming movies about the blue hedgehog. But as director Jeff Fowler teases new characters and new plans for the cinematic universe, many people continue to roll out suggestions that are different from the already mundane demands to bring Shadow and Metal Sonic to the screen.

What Fowler told ComicBook is that he is "incredibly excited" about the new character that is going to be teased in 'Sonic the Hedgehog 2', as it is "very personal" to him "as a fan".

This could be practically anyone, right? Let's look at what fans suggest.

Espio the Chameleon

For those who are more than just classic Sonic fans and more than mainstream Team Dark fans, there has always been another team of characters that are sort of in the "gray zone". Remember the detectives from Team Chaotix? Does Espio the Chameleon ring a bell?

Someone even got a movie-style character poster ready.

Big the Cat

Do you remember this clumsy big friend of Amy's? Come on, give us someone in the Sonic universe who is more chill than Big the Cat, we'll wait.

Rouge the Bat

Even if you are a Team Dark fan for life, you do remember that Shadow is not the only mysterious and villain-ish character there, right? Some people believe that Rouge the Bat has not yet been brought to screen merely because society isn't ready.

Imagine that!