3 Cringiest Criminal Minds Moments Fans Just Can't Get Over

3 Cringiest Criminal Minds Moments Fans Just Can't Get Over
Image credit: CBS

The hit crime series is known for its inventive mystery plots, as well as some unintentionally funny moments.

Over the 16 seasons of its existence, the CBS procedural series has changed many actors, writers, directors, and storylines, but one thing has always remained constant: the sense of teamwork, the idea of a group of talented people working together to stop dangerous killers, and doing it not for a paycheck, but for the common good.

Viewers have always seen the main cast of the series as a kind of family, but sometimes the writers have taken this idea to the extreme, creating some pretty hard-to-watch moments. Discussing such scenes on Reddit, fans came up with the three cringiest Criminal Minds moments.

Those profiling scenes

Since the series centers on a team of intelligent profilers who investigate the psyche and modus operandi of criminals, it is not surprising that almost every episode contains a scene where the team presents their findings to police officers.

While the idea itself is pretty solid, fans aren't very happy with its execution. What's particularly frustrating is how scripted and unrealistic these presentations are: every character speaks in perfect order, no one cuts anyone off.

You get the impression that this is just a performance, which completely destroys the realism that such scenes are supposed to have. It looks like a theatrical production rather than real life.

Spencer Reid's 'genius vibes'

Although Reid is undoubtedly one of the best characters in the whole show, he still annoys a lot of people. All because of the writers' decision to present all scientific data through him, turning the character into a clichéd know-it-all.

And the thing is, none of the characters are surprised by his encyclopedic knowledge, taking it for granted.

This really spoils the audience's involvement in the series and makes them periodically cringe when Reid once again decides to show off his intelligence to his colleagues and fans of the show.

That 'wheels up' scene

In the first episode of season 13, the FBI finally took down Scratch, the notorious serial killer responsible for countless murders and even forcing Aaron Hotchner and his son into the witness protection program. After the killer's death, fans and the team themselves expected Hotch to return to the FBI, but were stunned to learn that their leader had chosen to retire and spend his life as a full-fledged family man.

Upon hearing this news, the team decided to honor his legacy by saying aloud 'wheels up,' a phrase Hotch often used. The sentiment was obviously sincere, but fans couldn't help but cringe during this scene, calling it vulgar, corny and just plain tasteless.

Not exactly the emotional swan song for a beloved character that the writers of the show were aiming for.