3 James Bond Villains That Didn’t Get Enough Credit, Ranked

3 James Bond Villains That Didn’t Get Enough Credit, Ranked
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Even the bad ones can be underrated.

For many years, the James Bond films have been considered the best spy blockbusters ever, with thrilling action, breathtaking locations, compelling stories, and some of the most iconic villains ever seen in cinema.

A great antagonist is something of an expectation in a Bond movie, from the earliest films that gave us Dr. No and Auric Goldfinger, to recent hits featuring villains like Skyfall's Raoul Silva.

But there are some Bond villains that seem no less great, but already forgotten.

3. Spectre

The 2016 edition of the Bond movie with Daniel Craig introduced us to Mr. Hinx, brilliantly portrayed by Dave Bautista. In fact, it was a throwback to the physically impressive evil villains of the early Bond films.

Mr. Hinx's character was a powerful fighter, but also an intelligent and calculating villain. And fans feel that the Spectre writers didn't fully realize his potential and killed him off too soon without giving him a chance to develop a deeper personality.

2. Tomorrow Never Dies

It's actually quite amazing that the franchise that has almost always given us villains defined by their delusional schemes, striking eccentricity, and tremendous power has the 1997 film Elliot Carver checking all those boxes and still feeling years ahead of its time.

Carver has a crazy idea to start a war between England and China in the hope of overthrowing the Chinese government, which would give his news company exclusive international broadcasting rights.

In retrospect, Carver has come to be held in higher esteem as the film's focus on media manipulation has become more relevant.

1. The World Is Not Enough

The iconic 1999 Bond movie gave us the first and only major villain who was a woman. Sophie Marceau did an amazing job as Elektra King. She was first introduced as the one who needed Bond to save her, but then appeared to be the one who was the danger herself.

The film received mixed reviews, but Marceau's performance was highly praised by critics. Part likable villain, and part femme fatale, Elektra King is the most underrated female character in the entire Bond franchise.