3 'Love and Thunder' Moments When Thor Looked Dumb

3 'Love and Thunder' Moments When Thor Looked Dumb
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We know it's a comedy, but…

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Thor: Love and Thunder '

Taika Waititi 's new take on Thor in God of Thunder's fourth movie certainly did not sit well with everyone, essentially making 'Love and Thunder' one of the most debatable MCU movies.

While some people continue to insist that people got to enjoy the movie for what it is (and it is a light-hearted goofy rom-com), other people argue that the film's essence is exactly the problem.

Aside from its pretty peculiar sense of humor and a lot of questionable gags (seriously, the screaming goats were not that funny to have them screaming for well over ten times throughout the movie), fans are complaining that Waititi has significantly lowered Thor's IQ.

Here are several moments from the film that might prove this point.

Opening Sequence

It starts from the very beginning when Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy to help a local people win the battle against some furry monsters. Thor does help, surely, because he is a superhero. However, not only does he spend several minutes of the battle delivering a bizarre speech, but also he ends up… destroying a crystal castle that clearly seemed very important to the people he was trying to protect.

He doesn't seem sorry or anything. Just collateral damage, right? The monsters, however, did not look even remotely capable of causing this much damage to the crystal building. It was all Thor and his Stormbreaker – but the destruction was clearly unnecessary and painful.

Valhalla Jokes

Imagine that you are a god and a superhero, and your fellow god (let her name be Sif) is critically wounded after being attacked by Gorr the God Butcher. This is the situation that Thor discovered himself in at the beginning of the movie. Sif is laying with her severed arm and muses over a chance of going to Valhalla. She is literally on the verge of death.

What does Thor do? He cracks a joke about how you only go to Valhalla if you die in battle, so maybe the only thing with a ticket to the Viking paradise is Sif's arm. What a nice way to express sympathy for the critically wounded friend, right?

The Valhalla joke returns again in the middle of the movie, when Thor manages to enter the vision of Heimdall's son Axl and speak to the Asgardian kids who were kidnapped by Thor. But the only consolation he has for the scared children is how they will go to Valhalla if they die here.

The Weapon Drama

It's not exactly dumb to speak to your weapons as if they are your dates… rights?

Because that's what Thor does throughout the movie. When he sees Jane Foster returning with the Mjolnir, it's hard to guess who is the ex Thor remains in love with – Jane herself or the hammer. Thor would constantly speak to Mjolnir as if it was sentient, only to "make peace" with it choosing Foster in the end.

Meanwhile, Stormbreaker is clearly jealous (what? Oh yeah, an axe is jealous of the God of Thunder). Thor assures it that "we were just talking". Finally, God of Thunder makes sure that he and Stormbreaker are "good".

That was not uncomfortable and bizarre at all, wasn't it?