3 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs

3 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs
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These three zodiac signs are capable of breaking your heart, destroying your self-esteem, and having fun in the process.


Aries is full of fire and passion, but often their will to fight gets in the way of the things they really want in life. Aries people are quick to get angry, can be overly sensitive, and sometimes lash out when they think you've insulted them – even if nothing insulting was actually said. That, with added tendency to drink a bit too much, makes Aries rather unpredictable and even slightly unstable.

Going to a bar with Aries, you never know how the night will end – it could be fun, or it could end up in an ugly bar fight.

Not a healthiest person to be around, Aries also can be extremely jealous, not just towards his partner but also towards a friend, like a kid who just can't bring himself to share his favourite toy with others.


Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood Zodiac signs. It is believed to be powerful and smart but the danger is it is also a selfish person, toxic and dark. Scorpios are powerful, secretive and sometimes hide so much inside them that people don't know what Scorpios are going to do next. Scorpio is often a silent person who likes to live in their head and doesn't want to express their emotions – which makes communicating with a Scorpio without the drama or misunderstanding that much more difficult.

Like Aries, Scorpio can be very passionate, but it can be dangerous for people around them sometimes, for these passions can take a decidedly dark turn.

Jealousy, anger, excessive drama – you name it, and Scorpio, the king of self-destructive behavior, most likely got it.


If you don't interact with Virgo all that often, you won't even know how dangerous – first of all for your self-esteem – this Zodiac sign can be. But if you have to work with Virgo, you already know how sharp-tongued, perfectionist, and perpetually dissatisfied they are. Moreover, Virgos are not shy to speak openly about what is wrong, to criticize others and point out their shortcomings. Yes, Virgos don't want to hurt anyone, they are just dissatisfied that the world is not perfect and try to fix it as much as they can.

Clueless, Virgo doesn't even understand how quickly he/she can destroy someone's self-esteem, while making them feel worthless, useless and incapable of doing anything right.

Is it such a surprise then that most people tend to avoid Virgo, knowing just how dangerous for one's self-esteem they can be?