3 Most Heartbreaking Moments in 'Stranger Things' S4 Finale

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Netflix just released the final two episodes of its superhit show' season 4, and fans are rightfully sobbing over some gut-wrenching moments.

'Stranger Things' is no stranger (pun intended) to breaking fans' hearts, as each new season marks the death of some beloved characters. Saving the world from supernatural forces certainly requires serious consequences, and the second volume certainly provides that, turning these two long episodes into a constant spectacle of love, laughter, and incredible sadness.

Max's death and subsequent coma

In the final episode, Max encounters Vecna again, and this time no song has stopped her from being hit hard by this encounter – Vecna has infiltrated her mind, locking Max inside herself, screaming for help as her friends are unable to save her. Sadie Sink really proves that she is an actress worth watching, as this emotional scene can certainly bring tears to the eyes of the most seasoned fans. But that's not all – seeing Max submerged in a coma as her friends, including Lucas, Eleven and Mike, weep over her motionless body was, to say the least, a real heartbreak.

"Lucas reading to unconscious Max and Erica behind him. then the gang showed up, El hugging him saying I'm sorry and they basically sobbed on each other's shoulders. EMOTIONAL FREAKING DAMAGE." – @justnochh.

Dustin telling Eddie's uncle about his death

Eddie was by far the best character introduced in the fourth season, as this silly but incredibly kind rocker managed to enchant millions of fans. Dustin and Eddie's bromance was one of the highlights of the entire series, so his death in Upside Down left a mark on many viewers. But it was Dustin's reaction to his friend's passing that made fans tear up, and the emotional scene in which Dustin gives Eddie's uncle his guitar pick will go down as one of the saddest moments in television history.

"Dustin telling Eddie's uncle had me bawling. It also had me mad because they killed one of the few interesting characters this season." – @trex_bex.

Will's coming out (but not really) to Mike

By the end of the second volume, it was quite clear to many fans that Will Byers was in fact deeply in love with Mike, and viewers were eagerly waiting for him to finally reveal his feelings to his friend. So, the scene in the car where Will seemingly tried to explain everything to Mike was heartbreaking, as fans suspected that Mike chose not to understand what his friend was telling him, choosing to stay in the dark.

Mike sobbed in the car, looking out the window, and millions of fans must have done the same thing in front of their TVs, hoping that Will would find some happiness in season five after all.

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