3 Reasons House of the Dragon Fans Root For Greens

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Yes, not everyone is a fan of the Blacks.

In case you missed it: the Targaryen civil war, also known by a fancy name of Dance of the Dragons, has two factions involved, each going with their own colors. Those who side with Rhaenyra Targaryen don black outfits, while supporters of Queen Alicent Hightower prefer green.

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A lot of House of the Dragon viewers tend to root for Blacks because it has the majority of the show's main characters and because people believe that the truth is with Rhaenyra in the Iron Throne succession squabble. However, there are plenty of those who prefer Greens — here's why.

The Characters

According to fans, team Green has more compelling characters, with Alicent being one of them. Her character has been quite complicated throughout the show, and her inner drama seems to resonate with many people.

Besides, the first two episodes have made her "believable and sympathetic," effectively drawing people to her side before the teams were even formed. Now that Alicent has kids, people feel "invested" in Aemond and Aegon as well.

"I'm kind of swaying in team Green's camp, only because they're written slightly more interesting. Alicent seems to be in a real predicament concerning her sons. Her father is intensely ambitious and Larys Strong got a nice little mystique about him, and given his actions in the previous episode we know he also has a cruel practical edge and he isn't just a voice in Alicent's ear," Redditor suago explained.

Rhaenyra Is Not The Brightest One

...At least that's what some Greens' fans are saying. According to them, the heiress should have been smarter with her strategy knowing that her Iron Throne claim is on shaky ground because of her being a female. Instead of "sucking up to lords" and "having legitimate kids", fans complain, she went with being petty to potential allies and having "obvious bastards".

"I will rather root for someone obviously evil, then someone dumb," Reddit user InitialPatient8370 argued.

This is not the only opinion of that kind.

"Rhaenyra doesn't think ahead, and brings 90% of what happens onto herself. The other 10% is due to her father's mistakes. A great example is the scene after she gives birth. She should have just sent her husband and lover with the babe. […] She also should have spent the rest of her time building alliances, getting more of the great houses on her side (or even at court for that matter). Not to mention, winning over the common-folk in some manner. However, she took her position and privilege for granted, and it will come back to haunt her." – u/velwein

Greens Are Simply "Correct"

Despite one may think that the majority of the fandom hates Alicent, she actually enjoys a lot of support from people who think she is "completely correct".

"Her children are in constant danger, merely by existing. Her husband's spinelessness is catapulting them all towards civil war, and Viserys doesn't care to stop it," Reddit user library_wench said. "Meanwhile, her former best friend has been lying to her for years, sneering at her for being forced to wed her father, and, (just like her father), not taking the job seriously. She was given unprecedented freedom for a Westerosi princess, and squandered it like a spoiled brat. The Blacks don't care about being good rulers: they care about being liked and turning their family tree into a bush."

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No matter whose side you are on, the remaining three episodes of House of the Dragon are unlikely to leave you indifferent. With the Dance of the Dragons approaching, both teams better prepare their best ways and weapons to defend themselves, as no one is inclined to give up on their truth.

New episodes arrive on HBO Max every Sunday. The finale is scheduled for October 23.

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