3 Reasons Why Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Deserves Another Solo Movie

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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ took us all back to our childhood: whether it was back in the early 2000s, when Spidey was portrayed by Tobey Macguire, or in 2012-2014, when Andrew Garfield took over the webs.

Andrew Garfield never had the chance to complete his 'Amazing Spider-Man' trilogy: after two movies, Sony made a U-turn and Spider-Man headed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the role was given to Tom Holland.

Garfield put the Spidey suit back on only about ten years later, in Holland's trilogy finale, 'No Way Home'. This time, however, both fans and critics appeared to fall back in love with him: and now the Internet demands that Garfield gets another solo movie.

Great Performance

Many fans thought that Garfield's performance as Peter #3 was no worse than those of Holland and Maguire. His passion about the character for sure stole people's hearts.

A certain group of fans believe that Garfield's Spidey was even better than the actual main character – Tom Holland's Peter Parker.

"Andrew Garfield outshining Tom Holland in his own movie speaks volumes of the people’s love 4 him & his talent. It’s a crime he didn’t finish his trilogy & people hated on his movies." – @KronosLuthor

Another Chance

'The Amazing Spider-Man' did not do well not because Garfield was not good enough, but because of the studio's failures, some fans insist. So how about another chance for Garfield's Peter, who is now truly going through a renaissance of sorts?

"The Amazing Spider-Man films are underrated masterpieces whose success was hindered not by the writing or the acting but Sony’s interference and I will die on this hill. Frankly, what we got was still amazing and Andrew Garfield more than deserves an end to his trilogy." – @DevinHS13

Gwen Stacy

That's it, that's the reason. No, but really: rumors say that if fans actually push 'The Amazing Spider-Man' trilogy idea to Sony, they might bring back Gwen Stacy, the girlfriend of Garfield's Peter Parker.

"If #TASM3 actually happens, Gwen Stacy might be in it, but a Spider Gwen Stacy from the #Multiverse might appear, and probably help Peter fight Venom, and there could be more than one villain in the film!" – @_CinemaHub

After all, it is a multiverse, right?

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