3 Reasons Why Antony Starr Deserves An Emmy Nomination For 'The Boys'

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The Amazon Prime series managed to give viewers one of the best performances on television in this decade, and Reddit is rooting for Starr to at least get nominated for the coveted Emmy award.

An adult superhero series about a clash between a British foul-mouthed former secret agent and an evil version of Superman sounds like a joke, but thanks to the superb performances of Karl Urban and Antony Starr this crazy idea worked brilliantly. And while Starr's performance as Homelander won't be nominated for an Emmy this year due to eligibility rules, there's nothing stopping him from winning the trophy next year – here's why.

Total change of personality

It is not easy for an actor to completely step back from his off-screen personality, totally dissolving into the character. But Starr copes perfectly with this task, portraying a maniac with a cold heart, which is what Homelander is. The terrifying image the actor displays in 'The Boys' is not found in his interviews and public appearances, and it's not just because of the lack of blonde hair color. Starr managed to create a creepy and believable character without actually being a bad guy, and that says a lot about his acting abilities.

"When they can make you hate the character so much you hate the actor, that's a good actor." – /leslieinlouisville.

GoT's Joffrey Baratheon, anyone?

Great physical performance

Starr's incredible acting is not only in his command of the words he is saying, but also in the face with which he does it. Anyone who watches 'The Boys' can't help but be horrified by Starr's emotionless but very expressive face. His character's anger, pain and longing for recognition is captured on his face, and Starr is able to twitch his nose, chin and even his jaw to the desired effect. An actor's ability to use even the smallest features of his body is a rare thing in modern Hollywood, and it's great to see an actor work like a silent movie without needing a script to terrify the audience.

"The thing he does with his jaw where it tenses and you can almost like see veins in it is creepy as hell for how real it is." – /Zero_Vi_Britania.

Unmatched cinematic presence

As some wise people on the Internet have observed, great actors are felt even when they are not in the scene. This is precisely where Starr excels, as Homelander dominates every scene of 'The Boys'. Fear of Homelander fuels all the action in the series, with each character carefully choosing words or making plans, constantly thinking of the evil superhero. And it is not something every actor is capable of – to command scenes in which he is not even present, creating an image so strong that it is felt in every frame of the series.

"For me, it isn't about just his scenes. It is about the fact that when he isn't in a scene, you are still scared of him. When Homelander isn't there, but Huey and Butcher are talking about sensitive info about him, you're terrified he will show up and rip them apart. To have such a presence when you are not a presence is magnificent." – /HibigimoFitz.

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