3 Reasons Why Fans Are Obsessed With 'Our Flag Means Death'

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Looks like HBO Max got its new major fan favorite with Taika Waititi's 'Our Flag Means Death'. Thousands of fans went to Twitter expressing their love for the series, sharing memes, arts and thoughts about the new pirate show.

Here's 3 reasons why 'Our Flag Means Death' resonated with its viewers.

It's about pirates… And it's a comedy!

Let's be honest – everybody loves pirates. However, comedy is not the most common genre associated with stories about them. Waititi decided to bring his famous magical sense of humor to reverse this preposterous injustice. And he succeeds at all fronts – fans liked witty quips, slightly inaccurate historical references, immensely quotable character lines and great comedic performances from Rhys Darby and Waititi himself.

It's a celebration of Queer Joy

The story itself centers on an all-queer crew of a pirate ship, experiencing love, heartbreak, and, ultimately, just having a great time. It strongly resonates with a celebration of a queer culture, which is based not on a struggle, but on a joyous triumph of life. Waititi and his pirates captured that spirit perfectly, sharing its message with the world.

It's lighthearted, relatable and comforting

Cozy is the first thing that comes to mind while watching ironically titled 'Our Flag Means Death'. Despite some heavy themes brought up in the series, its approach is light and wholesome. And it seems that the fans are already deemed the show the best comfort-watch since 'The Office' and 'Parks and Recreation'.

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