3 Reasons Why Grant Gustin Could Make a Better DCEU Flash Than Ezra Miller

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Grant Gustin has been portraying Flash for the CW for eight seasons straight, and now, in light of the Ezra Miller drama, people think that it's time for him to move to the big screen – and to another universe.

As Ezra Miller is weathering a media storm around him after he was arrested for disorderly conduct, Twitter has already decided his future in 'The Flash'. Fans now believe that Ezra should step down as Flash, get help and make way for someone who is no stranger to high speeds either: Grant Gustin.

With Gustin's name storming Twitter trends, fans demand that he be cast to replace Miller in DCEU. Here's what they argue.

Grant is not problematic

The threads are exploding with lovely pictures of Gustin and fans appreciating him for being a generally nice person who also happens to have never assaulted anyone – which is already a win if you compare him to Miller.

He knows what to do

Gustin has been wearing the scarlet speedster's suit for several years now, and his acting has received a lot of accolades from both critics and fans. For many people, he is the one and only Barry Allen.

New story needed

While Gustin has been praised for his acting, we can't say the same about the CW's writing. At least that's what fans say about the show, arguing that the story is no longer as vibrant as it used to be, and Flash could use a change of scenery… or a change of the cinematic universe.

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