3 Reasons Why Marvel Fans Want Taika Waititi Out of MCU

3 Reasons Why Marvel Fans Want Taika Waititi Out of MCU
Image credit: Legion-Media

Looks like more thunder and less love from Marvel fans.

'Thor: Love and Thunder ' has received mixed reviews from fans and critics, with many people going ballistic over Taika Waititi 's predictably goofy take on the fourth God of Thunder movie.

But the downsides of 'Love and Thunder' seem to irritate some MCU fans so much that they are now rallying for the studio to ditch Waititi as director of other Marvel movies. Here's what triggers people the most about him.

Nonchalant Approach

The recent reports that Waititi himself was surprised to learn that "Thor will return", even though he was the director, appeared to have fueled the fire of fan frustration. People started to question the extent of Waititi's "ignorance" of his own movie if he didn't even know a detail this important.

Many fans quickly blamed Waititi for being nonchalant and even "shifting the blame" on some of 'Love and Thunder's flaws on other crew members, like VFX artists.

"Not only will those in charge of the MCU overwork their VFX artists to hell so they can pump out multiple mid af movies and TV shows a year, but they'll throw them to the wolves once people starting noticing how sloppy the VFX are so they can seem like the good 'funny' guys." – @sapphyreblayze.

Too Much Comedy

There are Marvel fans who click with Waititi's style and sense of humor but still think they do not quite resonate with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's overall tone. One of the main flaws of 'Love and Thunder', according to some fans, was the excess of "cringe humor" and lack of seriousness when one would expect things to be dramatic and tense. While it might have worked for 'Thor: Ragnarok', it certainly does not help 'Love and Thunder' a lot, let alone the potential sequels, fans believe.

"If Taika Waititi kills the MCU, i might have to reconsider my overall opinion of him as a cultural force." – @wixiwerehere.

LGBT Icon? Not so Much

Despite Waititi being more than open to multiple hints and nods to the queer representation in his movies, many fans take issue with how they remain exactly what they are: hints, and nothing more. Instead of actually providing meaningful representation, fans argue, Waititi rather creates an illusion of that.

"The performatice queerness of his MCU movies and praising of Taika Waititi as a gay cinema icon feels like a deliberate tactic by Disney to give the impression they are being inclusive and representing LGBT characters and stories without the need to actually show that onscreen." – @UsagiYohimbo10.

It's still worth noting that, despite the criticism, 'Thor: Love and Thunder' is doing great at the box office, being the third biggest opening of 2022 and the 12th biggest opening for an MCU movie.