3 Reasons Why People Love 'Sonic 2' Movie So Much

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Some people who apparently did not spend hours playing old-school 'Sonic the Hedgehog' games (what, did you have a life or something?) are now scratching their heads over the 'Sonic' movies popularity.

In fact, the idea of bringing the blue speedy hedgehog to the big screen was not immediately a mega-successful endeavor. Now it evolved into one of the big hits of 2022, enjoyed by both fans and critics. How come?

Listening to fans

To begin with, the initial design was so creepy and unnecessarily realistic that fans decried it with a passion hardly known to Twitter before.

Now we all know that major studios are not largely known for listening to fans, let alone changing the already greenlit concept. But not in this case. Paramount actually called off the initial horrifying concept and rolled out a re-designed Sonic that looked way more like the blue speedster from the video games and did not make you sick after just glimpsing at it.

Pretty solid adaptation

When you try to adapt a book or a video game into a movie, you immediately sign yourself up for a big challenge. The Sonic creators, however, managed to graciously face this challenge, as critics call it a textbook example of a video game adaptation. It turns out that when you carefully balance the source material and cinematic means, the final result actually can turn out to be surprisingly good.

It works great as a movie…

…even if you see Sonic for the first time in your life and have no knowledge whatsoever about the universe introduced in video games. It just seems to work successfully as a standalone story about a funny blue hedgehog and a bizarre scientist who hates him, sprinkled with good humor and exciting action scenes.

Some people even think 'Sonic 2' better than the first movie.

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