3 Things About 'Andor' Trailer 'Star Wars' Fans Already Hate

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Disney is no stranger to backlash towards its takes on the 'Star Wars' universe.

If you have been anticipating the 'Star Wars' prequel about Andor, it's your time to rejoice, because a new trailer for Disney's TV show of the same name dropped on Monday.

However, fans were quick to point out several things that they already dislike about the upcoming show, even though the series is more than a month away.

The first thing that fans took issue with was how the trailer seems to only include humans – after all, it is the 'Star Wars' universe we're talking about, and one would expect some more space diversity. In the trailer, however, pretty much everyone is human. Also, just how did that AK-47 make it in the galaxy far far away?

Another thing is a bizarre inspiration for the trailer's music. Many fans felt like the score was heavily inspired by… 'Squid Game', and apparently such parallels simply do not sit well with the 'Star Wars' fans.

The third thing is not really about the trailer but rather about the release date, which appears to have been rescheduled. The show will now come out September 21, about three weeks later than the initial premiere date, but at least fans will enjoy three episodes at once.

Many people have suggested that the delay is due to how 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' overlapped with 'Ms. Marvel' earlier in summer, so, in order to separate 'Andor' from Marvel's upcoming show 'She-Hulk', Disney Plus decided to give the Andor prequel some more time.

Despite the initial issues that fans have taken with the new trailer, however, the response seems to be largely more positive than what 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' got. Many people are praising 'Andor' for its cinematography which seems way more up to the 'Star Wars' level than that of 'Kenobi' (the latter was even blasted by fans for sometimes looking like a fan-made movie).

The final result will be available for streaming on Disney Plus starting September 21.

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