3 Things About New House of the Dragon Trailer That Turned Its Critics Into Fans

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Are you ready for the Dance of the Dragons?

HBO's 'House of the Dragon' quickly went from "a prequel that nobody asked for" to "the best possible Game of Thrones spinoff" after a new trailer dropped on Wednesday.

What happened? Well, it looks like the crew behind the show managed to do a good job by introducing a story compelling enough even in a less than the three-minute-long trailer. Let's look at what fans are awed by the most.


It would be weird for the show that is titled after dragons to have bad dragons, but it seems that the prequel managed to handle dragons in a "stellar" way. Each dragon seems to have its own personality that radiates through several brief moments shown in the trailer.

What really clicks with fans is how you can quickly differentiate one dragon from another – not only because of their "personality" but also due to a signature design they have. Even the biology of the dragons seems to have evolved since 'Game of Thrones', where they were basically the same creature in different colors.

'Game of Thrones' Essence

'House of Dragons' seems to be sticking to what propelled 'Game of Thrones' to success – the power struggle and the contest for the throne that makes people do all sorts of things to cling to power and control.

"Gonna be better than Game of Thrones in its peak. Can just tell by the trailer the writing is going to be incredible. This show is going to be GOT 2 essentially. Going to be the biggest show IN TELEVISION the day it airs." – @AlecFall0n.


From the very first seconds of the trailer, one can hear the familiar notes and tone that Ramin Djawadi – an iconic composer praised by GoT fans for 'Rains of Castamere' and 'Jenny of Oldstones' – is back in the game.

Fans seem to be particularly excited for 'House of the Dragons' to deliver some more iconic tracks like 'Game of Thrones'.

'House of the Dragons' premieres on HBO Max on August 21.

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