3 Things Fans Liked The Most About 'Moon Knight' Ep 3

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According to Marvel fans, 'Moon Knight' just keeps getting better with each episode. How on Earth – or how on Moon – does it do that?

On Wednesday, a fresh new episode of 'Moon Knight' hit Disney Plus, inevitably drawing fans back to their screens – and they, once again, loved it.

Why? Before thinking about it, think about whether you are ready for a bunch of episode 3 spoilers.

Marc and Steven

Looks like nothing can be sweeter than the dynamics between the two personalities of someone suffering from the dissociative identity disorder, huh?

While mental health is no joke, sometimes it seems that the way Marc and Steven interact with each other is.

Third Wheel?

Uh-oh, and it looks like Marc and Steven are not alone in that one poor body.

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have to brace ourselves for a third personality there: Jake Lockley. Jake Lockley is another personality, well known to fans of the original Moon Knight comics and characterized by his penchant for – sometimes extreme – violence (unlike the two personalities we are already familiar with).

An Oscar for The Oscar

Oscar Isaac and his performance in 'Moon Knight' seem to be one of the many secret weapons the show uses to conquer the hearts.

At this point, fans just went straight for demanding that Oscar gets an Oscar for his acting. Surely this would be appropriate on any level, considering how Oscar Isaac still hasn't been nominated by the Academy even once.

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