3 Worst DCEU Films, According To Reddit

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The Warner Bros. superhero franchise has been around for quite some time, but it seems that the number of hits it has released is significantly lower than its main counterpart, the MCU.

The DCEU isn't going through the best of times right now, as the Ezra Miller scandal has become a big problem for the entire franchise. But thanks to a number of new and exciting projects in development right now, it looks like the ill-fated superhero universe may return to action after all. So, anticipating the great things to come, fans on Reddit decided to take a look at the DCEU's past and try to determine which movie could be called the worst.

Wonder Woman 1984

Patty Jenkins' film about the beloved Amazon superheroine earned a lot of praise in its day, so the fact that a sequel to that film is being called the worst DCEU movie is pretty surprising. Fans argue that Jenkins screwed up the whole story with a number of puzzling decisions, from choosing Cheetah as the main villain to Diana Prince's literary assaulting an innocent man to use his body as a means of bonding with his dead lover. Yep, that's quite a lot. And other than that, the whole movie didn't seem exciting, but rather boring and superficial. And yes – the portrayal of Egypt in the film is considered by many to be quite racist.

"Idk how WW84 is even considered a movie or something worth considering to be quality enough to be worthy of the status of "movie". It is EASILY up there as one of the worst "movies" I've ever seen." – /DToob.

Suicide Squad, 2016

The DCEU's first attempt to use Suicide Squad was a disaster on all fronts, with people running out of theaters demanding refunds after seeing this outdated and extremely boring film. Despite hiring an excellent director, David Ayer, and a cast of talented actors, Warner Bros. failed to create a compelling story, producing an instantly forgettable action film that should have gone straight to DVD. And while some people are still demanding a director's version of the film, many still believe that this disappointing blockbuster should remain dead and buried.

"Suicide Squad is not only the worst DCEU movie but the worst big budget modern superhero movie of all time. The movie is not just bad, it's literally non-functional as a narrative. Maybe the worst editing in any blockbuster of the 2010s." – /MymanEKB.

Joss Whedon's Justice League

This film will haunt Warner Bros. for a long time to come, as it was the result solely of the studio's mistakes. After Zack Snyder dropped out of production, the producers hired Joss Whedon to replace him, but gave him no creative freedom. The film ended up being a tonal mess, so boring and trite that fans demanded a director's cut of Snyder, accusing Whedon of ruining the entire film. In the end, fans got Snyder's Justice League, but the memory of that joke of the first film still angers some DCEU fans.

"Josstice league was a super strange movie for me, as somebody who loved man of steel and BvS, it was really weird to see a sequel that felt like a totally different universe. It might be the worst movie of all time for me honestly. I totally get why people don't like the snyderverse but having a sequel that's so tonally inconsistent with the first two movies was just bizarre…" – /QiqiGetTheYayo.

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