3 Worst Things About 'Ms. Marvel' According to Reddit

3 Worst Things About 'Ms. Marvel' According to Reddit
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Here's what makes it a little less cosmic than expected.

Despite enjoying a lot of accolades when it comes to style, representation and acting, 'Ms. Marvel' does have a lot of things to work on, and some of those things are vital for an MCU show.

The series managed to surprise even its most vocal critics, not least due to Iman Vellani 's vibrant charisma and the overall attention to detail, cultural aspects and editing.

However, it's been five episodes, and we're just a week ahead of the finale, but the show still fails to explain how its world works, what are the rules, and what exactly the main heroine wants to accomplish.

The first thing that does not sit well with fans is the show's "boring plot", which seems to concentrate on stylish trifles and Kamala Khan 's family history way too much instead of actually pushing the story forward.

"While I like everything else, it just feels like the story doesn't justify its existence. It's just there to cram Kamala into the MCU before The Marvels comes out," one fan wrote on Reddit.

Besides, the villains of the show also don't seem to be too compelling. At some point, one would think that Kamala will be dealing with the Damage Control department, but then the series turned to the Clandestines as her main rivals. Now that the Djinn leader, Najma, is dead, it's once again unclear who Kamala's enemies actually are.

"We really don’t need the Clan Destine as villains. We could’ve just stuck to Damage Control and dive deeper into Jersey. Overall I’m not a fan of the bangle concept." – /SaltifiedReddit.

Finally, one of 'Ms. Marvel's problem seems to be its pace. Separately, episodes are engaging and fun to watch, but the way they form a story does not seem to be entirely thought-through, fans argue.

"I've enjoyed it enough and the non-white cultural aspect has been refreshing. It hasn't felt well paced or well edited to me though, especially last night's episode which has been my least enjoyable so far. I'll enjoy seeing her as a character going forward, but I've still enjoyed Loki, Wandavision and Hawkeye more. Probably on par with Falcon/Winter Soldier for me." – /CutMeLoose79.

Overall, the show seems to be quite "chaotic", and despite being relatable and refreshing, it lacks consistency and character engagement.

"We've now had two episodes that Kamala doesn't seem to remember that Nakia or Bruno exist. You know what? Fine, that's fine, but what's the point of their stories in the opening episodes if you're going to leave them out of 1/3rd the show?" another fan wondered.

Still, there is a chance for 'Ms. Marvel' to connect all the dots and pit all pieces together, as we have one more episode to get the full picture. The finale premieres on Disney Plus next Wednesday, July 13.