3 Worst Things About 'Thor: Love and Thunder' According to Fans

3 Worst Things About 'Thor: Love and Thunder' According to Fans
Image credit: Legion-Media

It seems that not everyone is fond of the newest Thor movie.

After the first wave of accolades in early reviews, 'Thor: Love and Thunder ' is currently in hot water, with many fans feeling disappointed with the God of Thunder's return.

Here's what mostly brought the frustration.

Flat Humor

You can't expect something ultra-serious and dramatic when you go to see a Taika Waititi movie, but this time, the director was way extra with the humor. According to fans, it wasn't just flat and cringe, but it also took up way too much screen time, robbing people of something really exciting. Having humor is fine, it's a trademark Marvel style after all, you can't imagine a Marvel movie without a bunch of jokes, but the problem is, in 'Thor: Love and Thunder' those jokes come at the expense of a character. Many fans are actually complaining that Taika's signature storytelling style effectively butchered the character of Thor for good.

"The most infuriating part is how there's absolutely no excuse to fumble the bag with this when it had every ingredient to be a solid MCU entry. Humor fits Hemsworth and his take on Thor perfectly, but the entire movie shouldn't be a dumb comedy." – @mgonmovies.


A great deal of humor and light-heartedness propelled 'Ragnarok', the previous Thor movie directed by Waititi, to success. But it seems to have worked out completely wrong for 'Love and Thunder', with the movie turning out to be nothing short of self-repeating, many critics argue.

"Taika Waititi made Ragnarok alive and fun, but he should've stopped there. Rewatching Ragnarok there were a lot of forced humor. They should've got another director for Thor L&T, all the reviews so far is that Thor has become a big joke." – @shanglinlee.

It looks like Waititi just decided to go with what has already worked with 'Ragnarok' but brought nothing new.

"I really wanted to like THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER more than I did, but it felt like they took the wrong lessons from the success of RAGNAROK. Some good stuff here, but a lot of painfully unfunny humor that robs characters of some emotional weight." – @mistermainevent.

Visual Mess

Aside from the suffocating grip that the humor has on the movie, it also appears to be visually messy for many people. Although a lot of fans enjoyed the eclectic visuals of the movie, others argued that it was simply tiring to watch.

"I love everything Taika Waititi but this #ThorLoveAndThunder looks claustrophobic in its visual reliance on everyone being filmed in a tiny room with green walls staring at broom sticks that they fill in later. It's getting tiresome." – @kenkoral.

"Due to over-reliance on CGI, many fans perceived the movie as plastic and less than believable – which, in combination with the aforementioned mishaps, has completely ruined the movie for some people.

Lightning evidently doesn't strike twice, as #ThorLoveAndThunder is bad. Its flat, plastic appearance creates a blunt visual dullness, and its desperation for humour undermines any attempts at pathos. Portman undeniably elevates it all, but she can't save it." – @sab_astley.