4 Best Celebrity Cameos on Shameless You Might've Forgotten

4 Best Celebrity Cameos on Shameless You Might've Forgotten
Image credit: SHOWTIME

Did you realize Jeffrey Dean Morgan popped up in Shameless?

When a series goes on for as long as Shameless has, which ran for eleven seasons, it’s pretty easy to forget some of its gems. Among those gems are some awesome celebrity cameos. Let’s take a moment to remember some of the most iconic of them.

Courteney Cox

We've all missed our beloved Monica from Friends and her on-screen charisma, but she gave us a delightful surprise by showing up in Shameless season 9. Portraying Jen Wagner, an actress fighting her alcohol addiction, she was a hoot.

Lip’s assignment sounded simple: Keep Jen away from alcohol. But of course, this being Shameless, it was anything but. Watching Jen try to fit into the south side while Lip desperately tries to keep her on track was pure entertainment.

Courteney’s comedic timing was, as always, spot on, reminding us of the days of Central Perk.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey, or as many know him, Negan from The Walking Dead, took a detour to the Gallagher neighborhood before picking up his notorious baseball bat. In his brief but memorable appearance in season 4, he was Charlie Peters, the kind-hearted restaurant owner who took a chance on Fiona.

His character was initially penned for a longer storyline. Alas, he was called to a world of zombies and apocalyptic drama. But for the short time he was there, he added a unique charm to the show.

Luis Guzmán

Luis's portrayal of Mikey O’Shea was, hands down, one of the highlights of season 9. If you ever wanted to see what Frank could be like with a sidekick, Mikey was the answer.

From trying to claim victory in the Hobo Games to their hilarious ruse of being war heroes in love, their camaraderie was comic gold.

Bob Saget

Most remember Bob Saget, who passed away last year, as the wholesome dad from Full House, but Shameless gave him a platform to flip that image on its head.

As Father D'Amico, he had viewers in splits when he recounted tales of his wild, pre-priesthood days. If you ever wanted a laugh-out-loud moment, his chat with Kevin and Veronica is it. The man certainly proved he’s got comedic chops beyond the family-friendly spectrum.

Do you remember any of these guest star appearances?