4 Best Directors To Replace Justin Lin In 'Fast X', according to Twitter

4 Best Directors To Replace Justin Lin In 'Fast X', according to Twitter
Image credit: Legion-Media

After the unexpected news that longtime 'Fast and the Furious' director Justin Lin is leaving the franchise due to creative differences, fans are wondering who could come in to replace him and save the upcoming 'Fast X' film.

Justin Lin was the primary director of the series, directing five films in the franchise. He may have grown tired of directing such a huge property, but one thing is for sure, Diesel and Co. need to find someone with Lin's experience to continue shooting as soon as possible.

Twitter users are ready to help Universal decide on a suitable candidate. Here are the 4 best directors to replace Justin Lin (according to Twitter):

Michael Bay

The Hollywood action wizard responsible for the 'Transformers ' franchise is pretty hot right now after the success of 'Ambulance' with critics and audiences, so it's no surprise that many fans would like to see him try his hand at 'F&F'. However, Bay is known to have a very strong position when it comes to creative decisions, so it may not be easy for Diesel to produce his brainchild if Bay signs on.

David Leitch

The 'John Wick ' director has already established himself as a reliable member of the 'fast family' with his 'Hobbs and Shaw' film, so his candidacy should be at the top of the Diesel's list. Known for his fresh take on tired action movie tropes, Leitch could add something much needed to the rather old-fashioned 'Fast and Furious'.

David Ayer

Another popular choice is David Ayer, director of 'Suicide Squad' and 'Bright'. For one thing, he was one of the screenwriters of the original "Fast and Furious" in 2001, so his connection to the franchise is very deep and somewhat personal. And besides, he's just a great professional, able to direct major stars in a way that doesn't overshadow the action sequences.

Christopher Nolan

OK, that's a stretch, of course, but this living genius could really turn the whole franchise around. Yes, he'll rewrite the script and maybe change something major in terms of developing the series, but hey, if Diesel is willing to temper his ego a bit, who knows, maybe 'F&F' will become something much bigger. And Nolan himself, by the way, loves this franchise.

'Fast X' hits theatres on May 19, 2023.