4 Scenes in 'Multiverse of Madness' That Aren't Really PG-13 (And One That Is, But Is Still Scary)

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Marvel's first horror movie has definitely fueled some heated discussions about the MPAA rating system, because certain sequences are clearly pushing PG-13 boundaries.

'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' is Marvel's first-ever attempt at horror movies, directed by Sam Raimi – which is something that already indicates a certain extent of something refreshingly horrifying. But many people were surprised (some in a good way, others – not so much) with how scary and violent the movie turned out to be.

Warning: major spoilers for 'Multiverse of Madness' ahead.

Gargantos' Eye

Yes, Gargantos is an evil monster chasing down America Chavez, and it's perfectly natural for the good guys to hunt monsters and kill them.

But impaling its eye on a magical spear only to violently yank it out and throw it away, so that the bloody pieces of flesh attached to it are clearly visible?.. Yeah, and other things that sound very PG-13.

Wizard Burnt Alive

When Wanda storms Kamar-Taj to get her hands on America Chavez, she neutralizes the majority of the wizards fighting to protect their home. But one of the survivors might have actually wished she died alongside her comrades.

This unlucky woman was the one to sneak past Wanda and destroy the Darkhold. She actually managed to do that, but ended up being… burnt alive, graphically and obviously very painfully.

The Illuminati

The fate of the Illuminati – Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Maria Rambeau as Captain Marvel and Peggy Carter as the First Avenger – was less than enviable. The entire sequence was absolutely chilling: starting from Black Bolt's head exploding after Wanda makes his mouth disappear, escalating to her turning Richards into spaghetti (literally!) and then proceeding to cut Captain Carter in half with her own shield and bury Captain Marvel under a large statue. Add that to the list of your favourite PG-13 moments.

Strange Variant

One of Doctor Strange's variants, who ended up being corrupted by the Darkhold and getting a third eye, engaged in a fight with the OG Stephen. That was a beautiful scene, with the two exchanging "musical" attacks… If only it did not end with the corrupted version of Strange being strung on a peaky fence!

Wanda Breaking the Fourth Wall

Okay now, this one definitely does fit the PG-13 rating, but it doesn't mean that people were less terrified when Wanda corrupted one of her variants and then stared right into the camera, piercing the viewers with her eyes for solid two seconds.

At this point, many fans thought she was going to tear the screen apart and appear in the middle of a theatre, asking people if they happened to see her kids.

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