5 Absolutely Deranged Harry Potter Villains No One Really Lists as Such

5 Absolutely Deranged Harry Potter Villains No One Really Lists as Such
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Everyone keeps talking about Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Voldemort when it comes to villains in Harry Potter. But these five were at times even worse!

5. Lucius Malfoy

Everyone knows that Lucius Malfoy was a Death Eater and Lord Voldemort’s pawn. However, no one really lists him as one of the franchise’s worst criminals — and he totally was one! We’re not even talking about the fact that to join and serve Voldemort, one must kill an innocent person. No, there was way more on the screen.

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets alone, Lucius Malfoy deliberately gave a little girl an incredibly dangerous Dark artifact just because he didn’t like her father — and when he was eventually discovered, became so pissed off that he almost cursed or even killed an equally young boy. That man is an actual maniac, you see?

4. Gilderoy Lockhart

As infuriating as it is, Gilderoy Lockhart generally only makes to the lists of the most incompetent Hogwarts teachers, and you don’t see him labeled a villain very often. Perhaps, it’s thanks to his being a proper idiot with a charming smile; or maybe, it’s because of the heart-wrenching scene in St. Mungo’s after he’s lost his memory.

Either way, this perception is very wrong: Gilderoy Lockhart was both a criminal and an actual psycho. At one point in time, he was willing to magically lobotomize two young boys and leave a little girl to die a painful death just so that he would keep his fame and fortune. An egocentric, psychopathic maniac, that’s who Lockhart was.

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3. The Carrows

Even when people talk about the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, they often overlook the Carrow siblings. Sure, they were absolutely useless in their positions — but also, they were utterly deranged Death Eaters who had dealt immense mental and physical damage to students by the time the Golden Trio came to the rescue.

Not only were the Carrows Death Eaters; they were proper child-hating sadists. The cornerstone of their “program” at Hogwarts was torture: they specifically taught kids to use the Cruciatus curse so they could torture their classmates and even first-years. And, of course, they enjoyed doing it themselves, too, those monsters!

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2. Fenrir Greyback

How no one ever names Fenrir Greyback as one of the most insane and unhinged villains in the Harry Potter series is beyond us. This psychopathic and sadistic werewolf enjoyed his service to the Dark Lord for one simple reason: he got to eat people. Yes, Fenrir was a cannibal, and a proud one at that! But that’s not all.

Apart from torturing, killing, and eating folks, Fenrir Greyback had two special kicks. One was to eat his victims alive even when he wasn’t in his wolf form. The other, worse yet, was turning children into werewolves. He specifically came near houses with kids before a full moon and bit them in front of their parents. That’s just sick.

1. The Dursley

These are probably not the people you expected to see at the top of this list, and yet they are. As it typically goes in modern stories, mundane people are often the worst monsters, and the Harry Potter series is no exception. The Dursleys had no magical excuses for their behavior but were the most morally ugly people in the franchise.

The Dursleys deliberately tortured the poor orphaned kid who had nowhere else to go, both mentally and physically. They made Harry live under the stairs for years and sit locked without food for days and allowed anyone willing, including themselves, to beat him up or insult him. They were arguably even worse than Umbridge.