5 Amazing Dystopian Shows That Give Off Silo Vibes

5 Amazing Dystopian Shows That Give Off Silo Vibes
Image credit: CBS/Apple TV+

Silo is the latest example of a worthy dystopian show, but the topic of surviving in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world has mesmerized people for a long time before it.

The first season of the Apple TV+ hit Silo ended on June 30, and the second season will not be released until 2024.

To fill the void while you wait for the Silo’s second season, we present five shows about dealing with aliens, mysterious viruses, and human brutality in extreme environments.

1. Snowpiercer

After a global catastrophe that caused a cold snap, the few survivors settled on trains, where society is divided into classes. But one day a former policeman, who lives in a carriage for the poor, is taken to the elite section of the train. He must help investigate the crime.

The project is based on the 2014 movie of the same name, which is based on the graphic novel by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette. In the series, the only thing that remains of the original is the same world. The plot has been invented from scratch, but that doesn't make it any less exciting.

2. Falling Skies

Aliens with advanced weapons have invaded Earth and destroyed most of the human population. Three months after the attack, a former history professor turned second-in-command of a resistance regiment sets out to rescue his son from captivity.

The screenwriter of Saving Private Ryan developed the concept for the series with Steven Spielberg. The writers decided to focus less on the invasion itself and more on how humanity managed to survive in the new, unfamiliar conditions.

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3. The 100

Earth's civilization has been destroyed by nuclear war. All survivors live on a ship orbiting the planet. 97 years after the disaster, a hundred juvenile delinquents are sent to the surface of Earth – they have to check if the place is habitable.

Despite the fact that over the years many of the main characters have been replaced, the series successfully lasted seven seasons.

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4. Battlestar Galactica

12 human colony planets have been attacked by robots. The few survivors embark on a journey aboard the spaceship. They dream of finding the legendary thirteenth colony called Earth.

The history of this project began back in 1978, when the original movie was released, followed by the series. The franchise was revived in 2003 with the filming of a feature-length remake, and then the story was continued on television.

5. Travelers

After a global catastrophe that wiped out most of the world's population, scientists have found a way to travel back in time and inhabit people's bodies before they were supposed to die. Having been given such an opportunity, the main characters try to correct the mistakes of mankind and save the planet from extinction.

The concept of Travelers is interesting because characters from the future are not supposed to interfere with those living in the past. And of course, this rule will eventually be broken.