5 Barking Mad Rick & Morty Moments That Left Us Traumatized, Ranked

5 Barking Mad Rick & Morty Moments That Left Us Traumatized, Ranked
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The whole Naruto Smith episode was torture.

For hardcore fans, the show's unpredictability and willingness to explore the bizarre are part of its charm, but still, there are moments in the series that even the most dedicated viewers find difficult to digest.

Here are five of Rick and Morty 's craziest moments that will leave you feeling downright uncomfortable.

5. Wild Mr. Meeseeks

In one of the first episodes, we are introduced to Mr. Meeseeks, creatures that are summoned from a box to perform a single task. While this concept is quirky in itself, things quickly get out of hand when the Meeseeks' inability to solve Jerry's golf swing problem drives them insane.

In reality, the Meeseeks are yearning for freedom, but they can't find it until they help with the task at hand. The longer they exist, the more agitated they become, and that's the kind of idea that can drive you crazy at night.

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4. Beth Falling in Love with Beth

Beth Smith, unlike many cartoon mothers, is a complex character with a complicated past, including a teenage pregnancy, an identity crisis, and a problematic father. At one point, Rick even created a clone of his daughter, and it's still not clear which of the two is the original Beth.

While another version of Beth, Space Beth, occasionally returns to spend time with the family, none of the Smiths seem to care which one is the clone. To make matters worse, they don't care about Beth, who starts having an affair with herself, questioning her sanity and testing the audience's limits.

Who do you think is the original Beth?

3. Saving Jerry in Hell

When Jerry finds himself in a literal Hell dimension due to Rick's demonic problems, Rick and Beth embark on a rescue mission to save the head of the family.

Rick and Beth use their portal gun to go through a fiery door to Hell and rescue Jerry, and what follows is a surreal journey through a bizarre landscape filled with absurd creatures and gruesome scenarios. Hell has proven to be one of the strangest destinations Rick has ever encountered.

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2. Rick’s Sex Life

Rick's promiscuous lifestyle and his casual encounters with a variety of humans, alien species, and mystical creatures, including a dragon, provide plenty of opportunities for some eye-popping moments. But Rick's tryst with Gaia, an actual planet, stands out for its sheer absurdity.

In Childrick of Mort, Gaia produces children resembling Rick, leading to a society of mini-Ricks where the giant Rick has to battle God, with Morty and Summer accidentally killing the Heavenly Father by crashing through his brain. Nothing will ever erase that planet-birth scene from our brains.

1. Morty & Summer's Incest Baby

In a particularly outrageous episode, Morty and Summer accidentally conceive a baby that rapidly grows into a monstrous sentient being. After Rick's controversial experiment releases Morty's mutant sperm into the world, Summer's egg is sent to lure the sperm away. The result is a bizarre space baby named Naruto.

The show's willingness to explore taboo subjects is on full display here, and the resulting mayhem is hilarious, but also deeply disturbing and traumatizing.