5 Best Jennifer Aniston Roles, Aside From Friends’ Rachel, Ranked

5 Best Jennifer Aniston Roles, Aside From Friends’ Rachel, Ranked
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When you are more than just a hairstyle.

Jennifer Aniston 's road to stardom began after Friends became a huge hit. In fact, while the show was still airing on TV, it caused a worldwide obsession with the actors, but even now, decades after the show ended, the obsession never stops.

And one of the reasons for that was, of course, the extremely successful performance that Jennifer Aniston gave us as Rachel. This character became her signature one, but never stopped the actress from exploring more in the business and becoming a movie star. Let's take a look at some of her best work.

5. Horrible Bosses

The best thing this movie gave us was Aniston in a totally different image than we were used to seeing her in. And that's always a good thing, especially when the new role is a good fit for the actress.

Aniston's role in Horrible Bosses was this extremely sexually aggressive dentist, Dr. Julia Harris, who took advantage of her patients and tortured her assistant. Aniston gave us a brilliant portrayal of such a controversial character, and we loved it.

4 We're the Millers

The comedy is 10 years old, but it still makes you laugh every time you see it. The recipe for the movie's success is simple: family-centered dark comedy with Aniston and Jason Sudeikis as the main characters.

The actress' character was a complete masterpiece, as she had to fake so many things at once, like being a mother and a stripper. But the hilarious way Aniston delivered her performance was just phenomenal.

3. Office Space

This 1999 film is considered one of Jennifer Aniston's best works. Although she didn't play the main character, she certainly "stole the thunder" here. The movie became a classic mainly because of her portrayal of a coffee shop employee, which we know wasn't her first time…

2. The Morning Show

Since Friends ended in 2004, fans have been begging Aniston to return to the small screen, but the actress has been focused on her movie career. However, after years of turning down scripts, she has finally found something good for her. Yes, we are talking about her iconic work with Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show.

Both actresses played co-anchors of a TV morning show, but their lives were turned upside down when a scandalous affair of another TV host came to light.

1. The Good Girl

The Good Girl is maybe the best work Aniston has ever done. She plays the part of a discount store clerk and finds herself in a relationship with a stock boy who thoroughly believes he is the incarnation of Holden Caulfield (remember The Catcher in the Rye?)

This romantic drama is refreshing and engaging, and it also features Aniston's most heartfelt and three-dimensional live-action performance in a movie. Though it may not be for everyone, The Good Girl is a fantastic portrayal of ordinary life.