5 Best New TV Shows of 2023, Ranked

5 Best New TV Shows of 2023, Ranked
Image credit: Legion-Media/ Apple TV

We’re reaching the middle point of 2023, and it’s been quite productive in terms of TV series: here are the 5 best shows that came out this year so far!

5. Silo

The boom of the dystopian sci-fi genre is far behind us and the audience has grown tired of it… Until Silo arrived out of nowhere and turned the tables for good. With its beautifully crafted setting, deep and twisted plot, and an amazing cast led by none other than Rebecca Ferguson from Dune, there was no other possible outcome.

4. Inside No. 9

Series 8 of this criminally underrated British show came out this year and proved that the creators still have a bunch of fun ideas in stock. The latest season of this iconic anthology series has it all: a murder mystery, a Christmas ghost story, a creepypasta farse, and much more. If you’ve never heard about the show, totally give it a shot.

3. The Bear

2023 saw the second season of The Bear come out, and it’s simply amazing how the show has built upon its first part. According to every single person who’s ever worked in the restaurant industry, The Bear shows the world of kitchens and orders just the way it is, all through the prism of unbelievably alive and humane characters.

2. Succession

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At this point, if you haven’t heard about Succession, it means you’ve been living under a rock — a rock deep in the Amazonian jungles. HBO’s record-breaking show took the world by storm and refused to let it go, and the final season of the show came as a huge shock for everyone regardless of their bets. Pure brilliance, this one.

1. The Last Of Us

After many years of miserable attempts at video game live-action adaptations, The Last Of Us changed the game forever. This series revealed to the world how to turn a game into a phenomenal small-screen narrative — and then began stabbing its unsuspecting non-gamer viewers in the back with brutal and grim plot twists. This was an absolute violation of the audience, but an outlandishly well-crafted one.