5 Comfort K-Dramas to Make Life Feel a Little Easier

5 Comfort K-Dramas to Make Life Feel a Little Easier
Image credit: JTBC, ENA, tvN

If you need a break from the stress of everyday life, these five charming stories set in small communities should be just the thing.

From time to time, we all feel a little overwhelmed, trapped in the endless routine of everyday life, seemingly unable to take a break.

So if you need some comforting stories to ease the tension and make you feel like things will work out, these five K-dramas will definitely do the trick.

Welcome to Samdal-ri (2023-2024)

Cho Yong-pil has spent his entire life working as a weather forecaster in his local village, after tragically losing his mother due to a faulty weather forecast, and has become obsessed with making no mistakes, which sometimes gets him into trouble.

But when his childhood friend Cho Sam-dal, who moved to Seoul many years ago, suddenly returns home, the two get a chance to rebuild their relationship.

Summer Strike (2022)

When Lee Yeo-reum hits a rough patch, being dumped by her boyfriend and losing her mother shortly after, she decides to start her life anew, quitting her job and moving to a small seaside town without a definite goal.

There she meets Ahn Dae-beom, a librarian who has trouble communicating with people, but who might just give her a new reason to exist.

My Liberation Notes (2022)

The story follows three siblings living in a quiet and even boring town, all of them fed up with their meaningless lives without any perspective of change, each trying to deal with the problems in their own way.

But the arrival of a mysterious stranger, who seems to be as lost as they are, shakes things up for everyone and gives all four a chance to finally break out of the senseless cycle.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)

When circumstances force Yoon Hye-jin to visit a small seaside village, she unexpectedly decides to stay there, leaving her big city life behind and eventually opening a dental clinic.

Soon she crosses paths with Hong Du-sik, a local handyman known for helping anyone in need, and the two get to know each other better and better, leading to a blossoming romance.

Our Blues (2022)

Set on the charming small island of Jeju, the show revolves around a group of people and the stories of their lives that become intertwined, as is often the case with those who live in a small community.