5 Deleted The Boys Scenes That Robbed Us of Amazing Character Arcs

5 Deleted The Boys Scenes That Robbed Us of Amazing Character Arcs
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The show already has great characters, but these deleted scenes could have made them even more compelling and complex.

The Boys TV series made a big splash when it debuted in 2019, and since then the franchise has only continued to grow, spawning two spin-offs and, according to some fans, even becoming better than the original comics.

Of course, with so many episodes, some scenes have been left in the cutting room for one reason or another, but some of them are so good that it is unbelievable that they were cut from the show.

Let's take a look at five deleted scenes from The Boys that would have added depth to the characters.

Butcher's Alternate Introduction

We could have figured out that Billy Butcher is quite shady and not your typical hero from the very first scene we saw him in, as this alternate character introduction gives us all the necessary information right from the start.

Before visiting Hughie at the store, he chooses a suitable fake ID out of a box full of many others, followed by looking at the sky and saying "I'll f*****g have you," instantly establishing his hatred for Homelander.

Homelander Confronts Maeve

The more scenes of Homelander being psychopathic the better, but this one also sheds more light on his past relationship with Queen Maeve.

Before revealing that Translucent has been killed, Homelander recalls how Maeve hesitated to take his hand at an awards ceremony, prompting her to remind him that she left him because Homelander "couldn't keep it in his tights."

However, she is lying, suggesting that their relationship was most likely never consensual, but forced by Homelander or Vought for marketing purposes.

Young Homelander

This scene perfectly shows that Homelander wasn't always a monster and his psychopathic nature is just a result of being raised as a lab rat.

In a fit of emotion, young John hugs his tutor, who has agreed to be his "mommy," but unfortunately he gets too carried away and the poor woman is instantly crushed by his super strength.

A-Train's Financial Advisor

Although A-Train's financial problems were mentioned in his conversation with Alastair Adana, this scene gives a glimpse of just how irresponsible and full of himself the speedster really is.

Not only does his financial advisor announce that A-Train is indeed broke, but he also lists all of his silly expenses and gives him a harsh reality check.

Mother's Milk's Dollhouse

It is established that M.M. has an obsessive-compulsive disorder, so to take his mind off things he is busy building a dollhouse for his daughter.

However, in this scene, he comes to terms with the fact that he can't go back to his family life after all the trouble The Boys have been through, so he gives the house to an ally who also has a daughter.