5 Films and Shows with Lana Del Rey Songs to Heal Pain of Her Grammy Snub 

5 Films and Shows with Lana Del Rey Songs to Heal Pain of Her Grammy Snub 
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The singer's brilliant voice became a vital part of these projects.

Many fans were hoping that Lana Del Rey would finally get lucky at the 2024 Grammys. The singer was nominated in five categories, including album of the year and song of the year.

But expectations were not met (again), and now the Grammys are facing the full wrath of fans of the singer, who had 11 nominations and not a single award.

To honor one of the most outstanding musicians of our time, we recall the projects in which Lana Del Rey's songs served as soundtracks.

1. Big Eyes, 2014

Songs: Big Eyes, I Can Fly

Based on true events, the story follows the difficult journey of artist Margaret. For many years, she allowed her husband to take credit for her paintings.

The paintings brought the family a substantial income, decorated the living rooms of even the most picky critics, and were known internationally. But one day, Margaret realized she deserved recognition.

The original plan was to play Lana Del Rey's Big Eyes at the finale. However, it sounded too dark and threatening for a happy ending. So it was decided to put it in the middle – in the scene where Margaret comes to the supermarket and sees it filled with cheap reproductions of her paintings.

And for the finale, Lana Del Rey wrote another song with a more optimistic title — I Can Fly.

2. The Age of Adaline, 2015

Song: Life is Beautiful

A lonely young librarian, Adaline, meets a philanthropist, Ellis, and the lovers soon realize that they are the only ones they can spend their lives with, but a serious obstacle stands in the way of their happiness.

In fact, Adaline is not 29 years old, as she tells everyone, but 107 – almost a century ago, she became immortal under strange circumstances.

Lana Del Rey's composition Life Is Beautiful was included in the soundtrack of the melodrama, but was never officially released. Here Lana Del Rey sings about the beauty we should find and appreciate in every moment.

3. Euphoria, 2019-…

Song: Watercolor Eyes

Euphoria became a cult classic from its first season, contrasting its striking visual style with a dark, dramatic storyline.

All of the characters, both main and secondary, are burdened with trauma, doubt, and painful emotions. In fact, such differences between the impeccable visuals and the chaos inside the characters' heads made the show a cult project.

The song Watercolor Eyes from the soundtrack of the second season describes the ups and downs of a turbulent and unstable relationship. The lyrics emphasize the fleeting nature of young love and how it doesn't always last forever and is often doomed from the start.

4. Maleficent, 2014

Song: Once Upon a Dream

If Maleficent from the animation was an unconditional villain, then in the version proposed by Robert Stromberg, she is a much more ambiguous and deep character – a victim of betrayal who decided to take cruel revenge, but then returned to the side of good because of love.

Lana covered the song Once Upon a Dream, the original version of which was included in the soundtrack of the 1959's animation Sleeping Beauty.

The singer's version turned out to be much darker and more sinister, which perfectly suited the mood of the movie, which tells about the tragic fate of Maleficent.

5. The Great Gatsby, 2013

Song: Young and Beautiful

Baz Luhrmann 's film, based on Francis Scott Fitzgerald's novel, received mixed reviews from critics but was a hit with ordinary viewers. Fantastic sets, costumes and a heady 1920s atmosphere make The Great Gatsby a vibrant movie that is definitely worth seeing.

The song Young and Beautiful was written specifically for the movie. The composition, like the movie and the novel, embodies the fragility of the present moment and is full of bitterness and regret for the passing of youth and beauty.