5 Funniest Lines That Never Fail to Crack Criminal Minds Fans Up

5 Funniest Lines That Never Fail to Crack Criminal Minds Fans Up
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Fans recall the best Criminal Minds lines that went from ridiculous to hilarious over the years.

The "monster of the week" format that dominated the first 15 seasons of the show came with a set of established lines that were used to better explain a case to the audience or to add gravity to the situation.

These lines often sounded ridiculous because they were delivered in a very serious tone. At first, this rubbed the audience the wrong way. But over the years, these ridiculous lines became an important part of the canon, and longtime fans began to enjoy them.

Here are the top 5 of these cringy-to-iconic lines:

"Wheels up in 30"

This phrase has been with the BAU since Season 1 and was an iconic Hotchner catchphrase until Season 12 when he left the show. Fans don't know how Thomas Gibson, who played Hotch, could keep a straight face after repeating the line over and over again.

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"It's time to deliver the profile"

This line usually comes before a very confusing scene where the BAU are all standing around in front of the local police, who are interestedly taking notes and giving short and mostly obvious facts about a suspect. Somehow they never talk over each other and always know when one of them is done and it is the other's turn. These scenes remind many fans of awkward school project presentations.

"The unsub's a woman"

Whenever the team comes to the realization that the unsub is a woman, they usually take a dramatic pause to exchange shocked glances. Yes, a female serial killer is a rare bird, but there's no need to look so shocked every time, fans think. After all, the BAU has had its fair share of female unsubs.

Heartbreaking Hotch Scene Never Fails to Make Criminal Minds Fans Tear Up

"A mother wouldn't do that!"

This line is usually delivered by JJ, who is the mother of two boys. It tickles fans because it really is a ridiculous thing to say for a law enforcement professional who has encountered various criminals and mothers throughout her career.

Any obvious thing Rossi says

The special agent is often used to deliver the obvious. For example, if a window is broken from the inside and there are no fingerprints on the front door, he will confidently say, "That must mean he used the back door. He usually sounds extremely assertive about these things, which makes the lines even more hilarious.