5 Glee Songs So Cringy And Out Of Pocket, Fans Skip Them Every Time

5 Glee Songs So Cringy And Out Of Pocket, Fans Skip Them Every Time
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Even for satire, these performances were just too much.

Glee was never meant to be a truly serious show. Focusing on the lives of high school students, it had its fair share of serious topics and heartfelt moments, but it also had a lot of fun, entertaining, and comedically golden moments. Most importantly, it had the greatest songs.

But even with the songs, the show found a way to go over the top. There were quite a few that made viewers cringe during the performances, but some are so tragically bad that it's impossible to watch them from start to finish.

Here are the top 5 Glee songs that every fan would skip while rewatching the show, even for the 50th time.

What Does The Fox Say

The song was controversial even by radio standards, and people still argue about whether or not the number of random noises can be called a song. In the case of Glee, which was known for trying to fit the songs into the episodes by the meaning of the lyrics, this one hit fell out of the pattern and was considered completely unnecessary.

Fat Bottomed Girls

Although many Gleeks actually liked Lauren and her presence in the choir room, her relationship with Puck was very questionable. He may have started to really like her after a while, but for the first couple of episodes, there was nothing but vile fetishizing of her body. The choice of song he sang to her just proves that.

Blurred Lines

If there is a universe where it would be acceptable for the teacher to join his students in singing songs about non-consensual sexual relationships, it would be Glee. In fact, that is exactly what Will Schuester is doing in the endless corridors of McKinley High. It's not the first of Mr. Schue's crimes against humanity, but it's certainly a memorable one.

Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me

Another one from Mr. Schue's collection, fortunately without any students. At least not directly. However, performing a very sexual song in a very empty classroom with a very engaged woman is bad enough for us to make it unwatchable. While Brittany and Santata seemed to enjoy what they saw, the viewers definitely didn't.

Baby Got Back

This is one of those songs that leaves you with a slight feeling of "What did I just see?”, and Chris Colfer's almost hysterical giggling during the whole performance did not help at all. In fact, it made it impossible to watch through the whole thing. No wonder Adam never became a fan-favorite: he was doomed from his very first performance.