5 Hollywood Superstars You Forgot Were On Grey's Anatomy

5 Hollywood Superstars You Forgot Were On Grey's Anatomy
Image credit: ABC

You wouldn’t even recognize them back then!

With all the television industry creatives being so intertwined with each other it isn’t all that surprising to get a celebrity cameo or a nice crossover here and there.

What’s even more fun than recognizing your favorite in the moment is to miss their appearance first just to catch it during the rewatch years later.

You may remember Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s heartbreaking arc with Izzie Stevens during seasons 2 and 3 of the show, but there were many more cameos in Grey’s Anatomy that may surprise you.

Here are 5 celebrities, whose appearance on the show you were likely to miss.

Christina Ricci (S2E16, S2E17)

It was hard to keep up with the faces in a dramatic two-parter that involved a real ticking bomb inside of a patient. That is why you might’ve missed Christina Ricci’s appearance as paramedic Hannah at first.

Demi Lovato (S6E22)

The story of Hayley, Demi’s Grey’ Anatomy character, was quite unforgettable, as the girl tried to claw her own eyes out. Despite being deemed schizophrenic, she was actually diagnosed correctly by Alex Karev and appropriately treated in the end.

Sarah Paulson (S6E15)

Did it ever cross your mind young Ellis Grey looks too familiar? Well, that is because of the actress who was invited to portray her in a flashback episode. Unfortunately, it was a one-time deal, as Paulson didn’t appear again for another flashback in season 11.

Millie Bobby Brown ( S11E15)

It’s not surprising if you fail to recognize the Stranger Things star in this little kid, who saves her mother’s life guided by Owen Hunt on the phone. The episode is tense but ends well, which is another Grey’s Anatomy rarity.

Tessa Thompson (E2S26)

Before becoming a big deal up in Asgard, Tessa Thompson starred in Grey’s Anatomy as Richard Webber’s niece who had quite an embarrassing incident on her prom night. Thankfully, all's well that ends well, and she gets all the help she needs.