5 MCU Villains Who Evoke Zero Sympathy (Zero, Zip, Nada)

5 MCU Villains Who Evoke Zero Sympathy (Zero, Zip, Nada)
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Fans absolutely despise these villains, and honestly, for a good reason.

Watching a Marvel movie, we mostly adore the superheroes, but sometimes it's the villains that truly steal the show. Sometimes, we can relate to them and understand their motives. Other times, they are so devilishly evil that you can’t help but hate them.

John Walker

Introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, John Walker, portrayed by Wyatt Russell, was the government's pick to be the next Captain America. But unlike Steve Rogers, Walker's version of Cap was arrogant, unstable, and had a dangerous edge.

His sense of entitlement and questionable decisions made fans question if he was worthy of the shield. His descent into violence and chaos made fans hate the guy.

Ego The Living Planet

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Star-Lord's long-lost father made his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Initially, Ego seemed like the perfect dad, bonding with Peter over music and life.

However, things went pretty bad when he admitted that he was actually the one who caused Peter's mom's death. That move turned him into a villain that fans immediately started disliking.

Red Skull

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Red Skull, or Johann Schmidt, is a symbol of hate and tyranny. The head of HYDRA and a close ally of Hitler, his ideas and actions turned him into one of the ultimate bad guys in the whole MCU.

His crazy fixation on the Tesseract and his dream of ruling the world, all mixed up with his ties to the Nazis, make it super obvious that he's the baddest of the bad guys.


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The antagonist of Black Widow, General Dreykov, was the man behind the Red Room. This sinister program kidnapped young girls, subjecting them to brutal training to turn them into elite spies and assassins.

Dreykov's control over the Black Widows, including Natasha, and his cruel methods, especially the horrifying Graduation Ceremony, made him a villain worthy of hate.

The High Evolutionary

Featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The High Evolutionary is a villain without a tragic backstory or redeeming qualities. His sole aim is to modify every being in the universe to his liking.

His pursuit of Rocket, just to harness his intelligence, and his responsibility for the deaths of Rocket's friends, make him a prime candidate for fans' disdain.