5 Most Cringe-Worthy But Lowkey Iconic 'Glee' Musical Numbers

5 Most Cringe-Worthy But Lowkey Iconic 'Glee' Musical Numbers
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'Glee' is turning 13 today, people. Feeling old yet?

As most of the fans agree, 'Glee ' is the best worst TV show ever. We hated to love it and loved to hate it with its dramatic storylines and unrealistic school performances that sometimes were borderline inappropriate.

'Glee's very first episode was released on May 19 thirteen years ago. In order to celebrate the occasion, we at Startefacts wanted to take you back on a journey to some of the most cringe-worthy episodes of 'Glee', even though you never asked.

I Still Believe/Super Bass

We're starting with Sue Sylvester – who was hated throughout the entire show but sometimes turned out to be the sanest character of all. Emphasis on "sometimes" here, because this woman would occasionally delve into cringe and stun everybody with, say, a 'Super Bass' cover rocking a Nicki Minaj wig.


Don't get us wrong – the vocals are great, but seriously, what on Earth is going on in this scene? Lea Michele 's character Rachel Berry is being… well, Rachel Berry, and just how great are these acoustics in school toilets? Who needs a studio or an audition room when you have a bathroom, right?


The worst thing about this performance is that it could have actually been so good if it wasn't for Mr. Schuester sliding in to sing 'Toxic' with his students and just being very, very inappropriate, to say the least.

It's My Life/Confessions

Again, don't get us wrong – what 'Glee' really did well was creating mash-ups and delivering them. It's the context that makes this particular musical number eyebrow-raising. Seriously, this was a show about school kids singing songs – and here they are, performing like the rent is due, literally drugged by a school nurse.


What started with Sue Sylvester needs to be finished with Sue Sylvester. We don't make the rules. It's just the archenemy of the entire Glee club striking the pose, voguing and letting her body move to the music. Watch at your own risk.