5 Movie Deaths As Painful As They Were Shockingly Unfair

5 Movie Deaths As Painful As They Were Shockingly Unfair
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Sometimes a character's death is too sudden or undeserved for viewers to accept with equanimity.

When a major character meets his or her demise, it is usually a major plot point in the movie.

Sometimes it happens at the beginning of the movie, setting up the events to come, sometimes it happens at the end, serving as a conclusion to a character's ark, which tend to be expected most of the time.

But sometimes these deaths can be absolutely shocking and feel undeserved, like these five, which had some viewers screaming at their screens. Beware of obvious spoilers.

Billy Costigan (The Departed)

After an intense game of cat and mouse between undercover cop Billy (Leonardo DiCaprio ) and the mole in the police department who is leaking information to the mob (Matt Damon), it seems that justice is finally about to be served.

But in a split second, everything turns upside down as Billy takes a bullet to the forehead just as the elevator doors open, leaving viewers absolutely devastated by the sudden turn of events.

Everyone except David (The Mist)

Based on a novel by Stephen King, this movie is infamous for its absolutely depressing ending.

As David puts his son and companions out of their misery, he learns the shocking truth that their salvation was only minutes away.

The final shot shows him screaming in agony, and viewers tore their hair out wondering why he couldn't just wait a little longer.

John Coffey (The Green Mile)

Thanks to Michael Clarke Duncan's brilliant performance, the prison guards were not the only ones in tears at the end of this other Stephen King adaptation, as viewers were left wondering why John had to die.

Sadly, his demise was inevitable, as it was the culmination of Paul Edgecomb's (Tom Hanks) recollection of past events.

Yondu Udonta (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)

One thing you rarely expect from a Marvel movie is the sudden and tragic death of a character.

And while Tony Stark's end was an expected conclusion to his story, Yondu's sacrifice had fans denying his death and expecting a miraculous resurrection, until the funeral scene completely dashed their hopes.

Ken Daley (In Bruges)

This black comedy-drama is full of both darkly humorous moments and more depressing elements.

But even so, when Ken (Brendan Gleeson) is shot in the neck and sacrifices himself in a last desperate attempt to warn Ray (Colin Farrell ) of the impending danger, some viewers jumped out of their seats in disbelief that such a likable character would end up this way.