5 Movie Stunts That Went Horribly Wrong, But Still Made It Into Final Cut

5 Movie Stunts That Went Horribly Wrong, But Still Made It Into Final Cut
Image credit: Warner Bros./Universal Pictures

Although it may seem like these five went exactly as planned, in reality, these stunts resulted in some horrific injuries and even near-death experiences.

Movie stunts can be quite dangerous, which is why there are professional stuntmen.

It is not uncommon for stunts to go wrong, resulting in injuries, but if the stunt fails, it is usually reshot.

Sometimes, however, these stunts make their way into the final cut of their films, and here are five examples of such cases.

The Mummy (1999) — Hanging Scene

During the first take of the scene where Evelyn saves Rick's life, director Stephen Sommers didn't think it looked real enough, so he asked Brendan Fraser if he was willing to do another take.

The actor almost died for real and even fainted, but the scene was included in the final cut of The Mummy.

Back to the Future Part II (1989) — Hoverboard Crash

In a scene where a hoverboard chase results in Griff and his gang crashing into the city courthouse, stuntwoman Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon suffered injuries so severe that she required reconstructive surgery.

Mad Max 2 (1981) — Motorcycle Crash

In a scene where one of the Raiders crashes into a car, you can see him slam both of his legs into it before flying through the air.

Stuntman Guy Norris, who portrayed the character, suffered a near-fatal injury, breaking his femur.

Deliverance (1972) — Waterfall Scene

Perhaps the most famous stunt on our list that went wrong, as Burt Reynolds insisted on doing it himself instead of using a dummy.

He hit a rock and fractured his tailbone, an injury that caused the actor problems for the rest of his life, proving that sometimes it is better to avoid doing dangerous stunts yourself.

Mission: ImpossibleFallout ( 2018) — Rooftop Jump

Another case of an actor insisting on doing the stunt himself, although Tom Cruise is notorious for doing this on a regular basis.

As Ethan Hunt pursues August Walker, he has to jump from one rooftop to another.

While the movie makes it look like the stunt went exactly as planned, Cruise actually broke his ankle after hitting the front of the building.