5 Movies So Cringeworthy They're Beautiful

5 Movies So Cringeworthy They're Beautiful
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These movies flopped at the box office, the critics are sick of them, but the viewers want to see them again and again just because of how bad they are.

Here is our go-to list of movies that are so bad they're almost perfect — no matter your taste in cinema.

Sharknado, 2013

This movie is a indescribable nonsense about flying sharks devouring passenger liners on the way. The on the screen trash is so sincere that it is simply impossible to resist such charm.

This is the most successful and popular product of The Asylum's production line. Six movies have already been filmed (and the audience is not even asking the studio to stop).

The Room, 2003

The Room is an acclaimed 2003 movie directed, produced and written by Tommy Wiseau. It is also probably the most famous bad movie in the whole world. It has been called the Citizen Kane of bad cinema.

The Room is universally recognized as a movie in the "so bad it's good" category, and has its own ironic cult of fans.

The Toxic Avenger, 1984

The calling card of the cult trash studio Troma is a story about a young loser who bathed in a vat of radioactive waste, after which he gained super strength and began to kill all the scoundrels around him.

All this was filmed for the astronomical sum of 475 thousand dollars.

Road House, 1989

A movie about a bouncer who tries to breathe life into a wretched and rotten roadside tavern. The movie was made for a lot of money and even had rising star Patrick Swayze.

As a result, the movie is still revered as the apotheosis of Hollywood madness: it blew up at the box office, and those who saw it burst out laughing.

The movie became an instant cult classic, and it is rare for a trash fan not to revisit the it to relive indescribable emotions.

Bad Taste, 1987

The debut self-made full meter of Peter Jackson, who later became one of the greatest directors of our time.

Although the movie is a complete mess, there is some sort of a plot, that tells us what will happen when the galactic fast food chain arrives on Earth for a unique appetizing raw material – human flesh.

Bad Taste is undoubtedly the greatest and most ingenious trash ever filmed with pocket money.