5 Saddest Harry Potter Deaths We Didn't Mourn Enough

5 Saddest Harry Potter Deaths We Didn't Mourn Enough
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Harry Potter is still a comfort franchise for many people, but sometimes characters suffer truly heartbreaking fates that leave fans in tears.

The Harry Potter series introduced audiences to a wide variety of colorful characters, many of whom eventually earned the undying love of fans.

Unfortunately, despite the series' positioning as a sort of magical fairy tale, these characters often meet their untimely demise, sometimes in quite brutal and heartbreaking ways.

Here are some of those tragic cases that left fans on the verge of tears and didn't receive enough attention, overshadowed by big losses like Snape or Dumbledore.


Sometimes, the death of a loyal animal companion can be just as devastating as the death of a human. Sadly, this was the case with Hedwig, Harry Potter's faithful pet owl.

Given to him on his eleventh birthday, Hedwig accompanied Harry through his adventures at Hogwarts.

She was killed during the Battle of the Seven Potters, saving Harry from a Killing Curse at the cost of her life.


The demise of the beloved house elf was the most devastating character death of the entire series, according to some fans.

As Reddit user Qamtmaun commented:

"He finally got to save Harry and his friends, these people who didn't judge him as many others did, all to be killed the moment he'd been able to pay them back for their kindness. He stood up to Bellatrix. He defied his "place". Asserted his freedom.

He rose above what many House Elves become, this small little thing...only to have his life snuffed out at the last moment. It speaks to the cruel nature of reality and how happy endings are rarely assured. He was so small but he was so very strong."

Fred Weasley

Along with his twin brother George, Fred was considered by many to be the heart and soul of the Weasley family.

Known for their sense of humor, pranks and inventions, the twins were beloved by many, which is why Fred's quick and brutal death from the explosion outside the Room of Requirement hit so hard.

Imagining George without his twin still breaks fans' hearts.

Sirius Black

After being tricked and betrayed by his friend Peter, after spending 12 years in Azkaban and losing the trust of everyone he ever knew, after finally finding someone to care for and become a father figure to, Sirius is killed by the hand of his own cousin, Bellatrix.

All of this injustice makes him one of the most tragic characters in the series.

Neville Longbottom's parents

Yes, they are not technically dead. But after what Bellatrix did to them with the Crucio curse, death might have been a more merciful fate for them.

As Reddit user Sinistre16 notes:

"Their minds are so far gone thanks to the Crucio curse that the people they were, are dead. The parents/people they were died that Halloween night and baby Neville had to come to terms that the people that would hold him, cuddle him, love him, just don't anymore. [...]

Now all his has is two living bodies that he goes to visit and get a candy wrapper from. Can you mourn for people you don't remember while they are technically alive sitting right in front of you?"

Indeed, a fate worse than death.