5 Short Films If You Miss Early Seasons of Black Mirror

5 Short Films If You Miss Early Seasons of Black Mirror
Image credit: WIRED (YouTube), Netflix

These projects are definitely better than the last season of Black Mirror.

We all love the good old first seasons of Black Mirror. If you were disappointed by season 6, we get you. But Black Mirror is far from the only project exploring the impact of technology on our world and future.

These five short films will probably make a bigger impression on you than any episode of the Charlie Brooker’s show, and will take far less time to watch.

1. Wake Up

Olivia Wilde filmed the 11-minute short movie for Hewlett-Packard company. It deserves your attention particularly because it stars Margaret Qualley, known to most for her role as the barefoot hippie in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

In the story, a woman who has recently come to her senses escapes from the hospital and rediscovers the big city, but soon realizes that the people around her are completely absorbed in gadgets. She tries to reach out to emotionless passersby, but begins to suspect that technology may be to blame for her tragedy.

2. One-Minute Time Machine

James has invented something that no one has done before – a real time machine. Unfortunately, it can only send him back in time for one minute.

But that is enough time to meet a girl. Well, James thinks so, unaware of the side effects of time travel.

3. The Nostalgist

The Nostalgist is a short story about loss, illusions, sacrifice, family relationships, and, of course, about robots.

The action takes place in an ideal, but only at first glance, futuristic city where life is supported by AI. However, even machines can make mistakes – and now the inhabitants must face the grim reality that was hidden behind the beautiful facade.

4. I’m Here

Many people know Spike Jonze as the director of the movie Her, which has a Black Mirror feel to it – a man falls in love with an operating system. But before that, the director made a short film that explores a similar topic.

The action takes place in Los Angeles, where humans and robots coexist. One day, the robot Sheldon (played by Andrew Garfield) sees Francesca driving a car, although androids are forbidden to drive. This encounter will change Sheldon's life forever as he learns the meaning of love and self-sacrifice.

5. World of Tomorrow

This short movie was even nominated for an Oscar. A clone of little Emily from the distant future shows her the principles of world order. In an era of unprecedented scientific progress, humanity has unlimited possibilities and the feeling of loneliness.

Emily will have to embrace the world of the future with her childlike perception and witness the death of the remnants of the wretched human race.